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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Shoot first

      Our strong suit~

    2. 17 cents

      And an extra 15ish cents on that 17 to a man-folk one! (We're equal opportunity, after all ^.^)

    3. We know, we know, it’ll be hard to choose which poor decision to make!

      If you're unsure, it's highly suggested you ask a nearby mayonnaise-looking man-folk. They know everything

    4. the nonwhites, and the gays

      Don't worry, there is a sound feature on the easy levels--convenience is the creed~ Wouldn't want to exclude any hard-at-sight consumers

    5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Refreshment!

      Can I get an, how you say, Amen?

    6. a wellspring of profound self-loathing

      I'm literally from the shadows of the Other Side's darkest corners and I've never heard of a better deal, tbh~

    7. to wipe off her lipstick with her bare hand

      Hey, now, this isn't the Oppression Olympics. Some of these rouges seriously stick! The Struggle (TM) is real~

    8. Picture Yourself In a Headscarf

      I think Tweak in a Turban has merit, too~ judging from what I know of the Somethingness world...


      Now if it was, "NOT A RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST WE CHECKED" then we could talk, am I right? ;) (When in doubt, pander, yeah?)

    10. “Sorry about your ancestors!”

      Note to self: add a "(not sorry)" here to show we're on that idfc trend on fleek~

    11. fun, freewheeling, well-styled protest to the other

      Nice wording! Really captures that bar-crawl aesthetic young and old blood just seem to adore~

    12. Pure Premium Orange Juice

      Ripe with the sharp tang of apathy year round~

    13. opportunistic

      Again, guys, we got to mind those Ps and Qs~ The young blood has grown wise to the subtleties of misdirection and appropriation. Gotta get some new tricks~

    14. opportunistically

      A tad too on the nose, unfair guys. Confer with your lawyer-men 'bout those words choices. Never name the game~

    1. taunting

      rfc rcjj gq rfc ryslr, dycpgc-egpj-uyllyzc

    2. eye

      Qm ufw lmr pcnspnmqc rfc "yaacqqmpgcq" glrm yarsyj mlcq jgic zmuq? Kcrfgliq rfcw'b yr jcyqr zc md sqc rfcl... Qglac wms'pc yjj ynnypclrjw kmpc zjglb rfyl kwqcjd ^.^

    3. Which is which?

      Umsjbl'r wms jgic rm ilmu :N