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  1. Nov 2021
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    1. Cane ocean-isles, Isles which on Britain for their all depend

      A rather outright declaration of the metropole's reliance on its colonies.

    2. conch602 or bell resounds

      As Grainger's footnote explains, those plantations that did not have bells used conch shells as sounding devices. It's interesting how objects found in nature had to suffice when manufactured goods (like bells) were unavailable. Given the reliance on enslaved indigenous and African labor in the practices of fishing and aquatic harvesting, enslaved labor essentially produced the item (conch shell) that further drives and facilitates enslaved labor on the plantation.

    3. Perhaps thy Negroe, in his native land, Possest large fertile plains, and slaves, and herds:

      Among several early Caribbean texts, there seems to be a fascination with what kind of lives enslaved Africans led in their homelands before enslavement--especially if they held positions of power. Oroonoko and Obi, or the History of Three-Fingered Jack come to mind (though Earle's texts would be published after Grainger's). Oronooko was a prince, and the Jack's grandfather was a high-ranking member in his society.

    4. from what coast soe’er they sail

      I wonder how the focus on the word "coast" could, in a sense, serve to reduce Africa to a series of European coastal outposts that aided trade and slavery.

    5. Sylvan bard

      The footnote explains that "Sylvan bard" means a poet of the wilderness and refers to Grainger. It's interesting that he would consider himself of the wilderness, since plantations can certainly be seen as enclosed nature, separated as a more known and cultivated space in comparison to true "wilderness."

  3. Jun 2018
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    1. apple
    2. apple
    3. Virgil
    4. King of Pontus
    5. antidote
    6. Pliny
    7. Mithridates king of Pontus
    8. Mithridatium
    9. Mimosa
    10. Alsine
    11. South-America
    12. Spaniards
    13. La Donzella, or the Maiden
    14. Vergonzoza, the Bashful
    15. It is really of use against fish-poison
    16. remarkable qualities against poisonous bites
    17. Snakeweed
    18. Erudos Cobres
    19. Spaniards
    20. Cajacia
    21. Caribbees
    22. chickweed
    23. chickweed
    24. apple
    25. Median climes
    26. Pontus’ King
    27. chickweed