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  1. Sep 2016
    1. a parent celebrating

      Often we celebrate the extraordinary (or what others have defined such). We reward a few teachers or a few students. We celebrate these saving remnants when we should flip the celebration and its story.

    2. Which story are we telling? How will our students benefit? How will this grow our teaching, expand our repertoire, and/or contribute to the community?

      I think I am guilty of telling my story through my students rather than their story. I think that is the default position. So now I need to figure out how to stand where there story lives. All it takes sometimes is one small shift in stance to see a brand new world or to step out of your blindspot.

    1. The world of work demands individuals embody  these skills but our actions in schools still rely on antiquated policies, procedures, and structures which have prevented us from aligning a vision that creates the desired culture and experiences.  It’s critical that we rethink why, what, and how we learn in schools for students to thrive in the information economy of today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

      You cannot industrialize these 'skills'. They are not monolithic things to be pulled apart on the ground and put into students heads like gears. The whole approach is wrong here. The skills we are talking about here are ways of being in the world. And there are many ways, for example, of being a "complex problem solver". Out of context, creative problem solvers are like pundits, expert ignoramuses. See Nicholas Taleb here.

    1. Of course all structured development isn’t irrelevant. Sometimes it is vital and the best way to help people improve.

      Maybe we could develop reading/writing/numerating/citizenship/tinkering schools?

    2. Typical offerings to prepare our future professionals reflect the dominance of the course as virtually the only the mechanism to get any attention.

      The idea of a course is sucking up all the oxygen in the room, a room that isn't really a room anymore, but a semipermeable space, connecting and connected, a node, a synapse.

    1. Was hoping somebody might drop by and annotate a hello. So...I am saying hello to my past self from my future self. Exactly, I am a time travelling and making notes here. Who knew? Time travel is a bit of a bore.

    1. o create a better version of school than what I experienced.

      Or to put a force field around my students for at least part of the day, a force field of curiosity and passion, the most powerful in the universe.

    2. Seth Godin

      How in the name of Odin did this guy get such a wide following. Jingoistic. Narrow. Motto-fied jibberish.

    3. innovator’s mindset

      I haven't read the book, but I admit to a deep distrust and even exhaustion with these words. If he had added 'disruption' to it, I think my mind would be officially blown. BTW, is it even fair for me to critique out of context. Yes and no. Unfair? Yes, but who said life is fair? No, it is never unfair to remark upon the efficacy of jargon.

    1. Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine

      I do this exercise on a semi-regular basis especially when I am feeling a little "parched" for creativity.

    1. 4. MAYBE QUIT

      Birbiglia warns, "There is going to be an insane amount of work ahead, and your time might be spent better elsewhere." And he quotes Angela Duckworth who argues that this is the better question: "In what way do I wish the world were different? What problem can I help solve?"

      If that doesn't thrill me, then I should quit. I tell my students this all the time, if the research question doesn't thrill you--quit. Time to eat my own dog food. Hmmm, yummy, better than I thought.



      Who will be my editor? This is not something I have asked my learning community to do. Is it something they would like to be put upon to do? Perhaps I need to ask others, my own revolving "dissertation" committee that would actually be useful. Who could this be? Academics need not apply? No, I need a broad spectrum of folks who aren't afraid to be honest.

    3. 2. FAIL

      Everything I do feels like a failure of some kind. Especially if no one seems to take me up an opportunity to collaborate and learn. I just need to get used to the idea that folks don't get why I was put here like I do. But failing alone is not what we want. We want 'failure toward' something. Or perhaps it is falling toward something. We get up and take more steps and then fall again. Until...like the stupid babies that we are, we keep upright and walk, unsteady but better each time we arise. After that the falls are more spectacular, bur more ...edifying.

      One set of steps I need to take is toward longer form work and toward my regular production of poetry. I live in an academic environment that does not value that in folks like me. I am viewed as a self-publishing dilletante as I do this. So be it. It is more important for me to do than to get folks to attend. That will always be a fail, this attention whoring, this marketing of one's 'brand' in the service of mammon. So...I will write and publish more poetry and begin some longer term projects.

    4. 1. DON’T WAIT

      Every morning as I prepare for class and every day that I have time to explore new ideas (and old ones, too), I should do so and share them. Write posts, write tweets, do screencasts, do hangouts. Do anything. Offer to do anything as long as it gibes with what you want to bring into the world and with what is asking to be born into the world. The only think I know that fits that description is my own voice and self and take and stance on learning in the world. Right or wrong. Mine.

    1. it takes a journey.

      A feldgang into the future, to live there where the eco thrives.

    2. how do you do that?

      The purpose of the course? How?

    3. if the number oneleadership challenge, as I said, is to move stakeholdergroups from ego-system to eco-system awareness,

      His thesis, his is an attempt to motivate a saving remnant, the leadership class? Or is it to build capacity with these new tools for a new leadership class?

    4. situated in the realities of this century.

      Are these future realities or current ones, at the in-your -ace, problem level or at the source level?

    1. academics

      ugghhh, such an ugugugly word. a thing drawn from the tongue like yellow jacket stinger.

    2. I rather regret watching Donna Lanclos and Dave O White's keynote at ALTC.

      I don't regret not watching. I don't regret saying to myself, "I will always have the time I spent not watching, sitting on the porch swing, drinking good coffee, sensing the passing show of the seasons. We makes ours choices and takes our chances. Con-se-quences.

    1. I would love to know what your students are taking from this into their lives. Are they practicing varied literacies toward the same purpose? Are they arguing with pix and text and then making the same argument with video or gifs?

    2. literacy practices allowed (or kept) them to be mobile across spaces and time.

      Each literacy practice has is joys and sorrows, its constraints and affordances.

    3. the ‘_________ literacies’ phenomenon

      Words are just handles on a hot skillet, better to have them than not, n'est-ce pas?

    4. is just a smattering of the literacy practices

      Is all action and being literacy? Seems like piracy to me, but I'm ok wi dat.


    5. “It’s like we are constantly being literate. Even if you are just thinking, you are making sense of a text of some sort or another.”

      Literacy as a state of being as well as one of doing. Dobedobedo.


    1. whose rules are we playing it by?

      DNA, emergence, and exaption.

    2. "life is a game."

      Life is an infinite game played for its own sake until we die. The game carries on and just another name for something else that cannot be named because it is everything.

    1. Hasn't this been fun? But what does it mean? Where could this go, how could this go? Is there a way to honor the conversation further? Open it up more? Collaborate on something inspired by this? Or just let it ride the ether, a leaf, a dust mote, a mayfly with its one day?

    2. to slow down

      slow reading=close reading, for me it is a point of honor for the reader to give the writer consideration and care and concern. Reciprocation.

    3. This is a mindset I mean to practice daily in my digital routine and in my blogging.

      Here is mine:

    4. informed, thoughtful, and willing to stake a claim on an idea

      Mais oui, monsieur.

    5. The first job of the writer is to familiarize herself with this conversation. The second is to join. Blogging (and technology) has made joining possible for a much wider range of voices than ever before.

      Part of my education on online learning has been discovering that there is no first and second here unless you want it to be. I have discovered that they are simultaneous for me if I want it to be effective. This is why I leaqve so many MOOCs unfinished. It is because they are totally hierarchic, constructed and rendered unto the learner as a whole thing. Dreadful.

    6. the most amazing technology humans have devised in order to express themselves: our language.

      At first I thought yes, I agree, but then I thought that to call language a technology is to diminish language. Tech is not hardwired in our brains yet. Language appears to be. For example, I think of metaphor as a poet's tool, but I also know from the work of Lakoff and Johnson that metaphor is a description of what the brain through language does.

    7. I disagree completely with the assumption

      I do too, but I think maybe Ryan is hinting at something else,perhaps how Twitter is so unrelentingly bad at nuance and long form discussion--just look at any chat and see the dead end that most of them are. You cannot base a citizenry only on these short form conversations. You might be able to start them and then move them to places like this annotation space or f2f video or blogs (barely, if you have comments turned on) Plenty of inadequacy in blogging as well especially the fact that no one feels obliged to either respond in the margins or (and this is the one that really gets me) in their own comments section. I do think that part of the citizenship of blogging is making sure the fucking comments are on.

    8. Mindset

      Carol Dweck and all her minions have ruined this word for me. Reducing all the aspects of one's being to some manageable this-and-that. Complexity will bite you in the ass if you do that?

    9. I am weary of the calls for "digital citizenship" training in schools because these calls usually have a limited focus: how to be safe, how to maintain privacy, how to cultivate your brand. I find that last one particularly irksome.

      They are not about citizenship. Citizenship is about duty and obligation, one to the other. It's like being an EMT--you can't just "treat" the ones you like. All or none. Either we are all citizens or eventually we will all be prisoners.

    1. "Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun"

      Here is an image annotation tool to share a discussion about the art here? ANd by sharing I mean asking questions, answering questions, observing, generalizing...the full catastrophe.

      BTW, what should be the end results of this conversation? A collaborative transcript and reflection? Begin with the end in mind or just grow the result like a crystal?

    2. An article tailored exactly to social annotation, yet the crickets blare their silence. We are called by Byrne to attend, but I can't see any comments. This is one of the most serious problems with online life--we live in a zero sum 'attention" world. There is only so much to go around, but that attention is neither honored when lavished or respectfully asked for. We invite people to attend (or at least Byrne did) and we do not attend or at least not for very long. And what happens to the products of attention once they have been given? I think that the person who asks us to look is duty bound to make sense in some way, to curate the responses into something genuine. The responses should not be allowed to just languish in the margins. I find the digital "look at me, look at me" attention culture we live in is...shallow and devious. Is the time I just spent here, is the attention and energy I just gave justified by the request to be here? It might be. It is a paying forward of Byrne's worthy writing, but I want it to mean something more than that ethical and intrinsic value. I want the question to be a quest.

    1. There are different testing styles. Like some people will write a paragraph in one text, while others, will hit send everytime they would have taken a breath had they been saying those words

      Now this is a fascinating possibility, texting for some is an almost direct oral crossover from speech where you hit enter "everytime you would have taken a breath"

    1. Digital Pedagogy Lab

      While I found your attempts to include me as a virtual participant, if I had not insisted, I would not have been included. And Digital Pedagogy Lab was not particularly inclusive nor were the other f2f participants in the channels that were available to me. In fact I felt that my marginal questions were considered invasions of the space, subversions of their private and closely held conversations. Could I have tried harder? Of course, but the ignoring, the not listening and the inevitable silencing of this white male was felt as well

    2. open online spaces

      What is an open online space? In a world where half of the world does not own a cell phone, what definition of "open" and "online" even makes sense?

    3. everyone’s responsibility to listen and care and support marginal voices.

      Why is this so? Responsibility is a heavy word.

    1. online realms

      Is paper a realm? Have never thought of it that way. Every medium is a realm? Is it helpful analytically to make this distinction? Similarly, it is helpful to make the same distinction between digital and not digital?

  2. Aug 2016
    1. blind swordsman
    2. or even smart work.

      Glad he addresses the corollary to the first myth: work smarter not harder. I...despise...that expression. Substitutes one boomer value for another.

    3. Changing human lives in some small but significant way. Really giving, affirming, improving life.

      What matters?

      changing human lives for the better

      really giving

      affirming and improving life

      A lot of vaguery here. Let us get specific on this Hackpad.

    4. That’s not to say billions of dollars will shower down on you from the sky if you do. Bur

      How doing something that matters matters. Well, put and very humble. I love the one that says, "If in matters it won't kill you."

    5. So what does? Doing something that matters.

      Amen. "Hard work" is one of those powerfully foolish abstract nouns. Don't let it hold sway.

    6. I know plenty of people, especially young people, who’ve worked themselves to the bone. Educationally, professionally, personally. And guess what? There’s no pot at the end of the rainbow anymore.

      Millenial experience as opposed to Boomer values. Be a flaneur


    7. recapitulation

      If you do a cursory look up of the word it is wide ranging across many disciplines--in more general terms, a recapitulation is a mapping.

    8. Hard Work Doesn’t Equal Success. Mattering Can Transcend It.

      Imagine that. Cool.

    1. analyzing process points

      Feedback and assessment. Is this another one of those false binaries? I'd argue not. The latter is what the USDA does in a meat packing plant. The former is what a chef might do if she could advise her lamb provider how to grow a better quality lamb for her restaurant clients. Yeah, I know, that feedback doesn't exist. I don't think assessment is moving in another direction unless it moves toward feedback and away from ...assessment.

    2. keep calm

      This is the best advice of all. How often do we advise students on the emotional temper that we need to have when we write? Shouldn't that be part of any "template", the emotional design?

    3. the process is more important than the product, most of the time

      This binary is the bane of our profession. It's all process and its all product. Is this a distinction without a difference?

    4. it’s an intentional design of the classroom experience to help students explore writing in different angles, with different strategies, for different reasons.

      I know this is what we do as teachers...we design. We construct 'safe' environments for students. Up to a certain age I think the only skin in the game that learners should have is what they decide to ante up themselves, their passion for learning, no grades just observations. But at some point, they gotta eat some dirt. I am not for throwing kids in the deep end (see this week's This American Life: http://goo.gl/NfuhNo) but that scaffolding has got to come down at some point and their ladders have to come out. It may be a weak analogy, but they have to get strong. Tools like Troy Hicks MAPS are just that, a tool. There are others. Like weight training regimen, most of them work until they don't. Why? Because we don't make them our own. It is somebody else's template. And that is fine up to a point. I can rarely get folks to agree with me on this, but in the end learning must be personal and mostly idiosyncratic. And by that I don't mean that all learners are iconoclasts but rather that all learners worthy of that name have their own style, angle, strategies, and reasons. You must move past the intentional design to an internal design that is you, unique as your voice and as singular as your brain waves.

    5. we teachers need be doing the technology, too

      I asked my students last week what kinds of apps, programs, web links they could be showing me. I said to put them up on our Twitter hashtag, on our Remind account, on a Hackpad I have set up, on a G+ community "we" are using. My hope is that with many redundant channels the message will break through my thick skull. THEY DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY HAVE A UNIQUE AND CLEAR SIGNAL THAT IS WORTH SHARING.

    6. nodding my head here

      Me, too, but for a different reason. Hindsight is perfect. We justify ex post facto. History disposes, turning facts into what it says is truth. The quote by Sibberson is actually quite nuanced, a helluva lot more than my teaching is. Franki says that writing in the classroom is a conversation, one that by definition is at least a two-way channel. Too true, but the devil of facilitating that channel is in the details that are always shifting underfoot. No one way. No true way. And the truth that I have discovered (notice that is a little "t") is that most people given half a chance are not particularly passionate about writing. Most aren't given even half a chance at any point in their reading and writing 'careers'. I am still figuring out at the university level how to promote passion or, failing that, how to instill an attitude of careful craft. I work with students who have been failed in horrendous ways. They are categorized as students who need remediation. Ugggh. Never. What Sibberson advocates for here is more close listening to the channel, more careful translation, more careful risk-taking. It is hilarious (and sad) how badly words fail us as we try to share with each other how to do that. Hilarious and sad.

    1. I don't know how to respond or if I should respond. I guess I already did. Fuck it, dude. Let's go bowling.


    2. "We tend towards disorder."

      No shit.

    3. A sort of rythm which plays free jazz-like between our lines.
    4. punctuated by moments of ridicule. 
    5. "What happens when we transmit the repeated message, You are broken, here let me fix you? or worse, Shh, let's ignore all it and be happy?"

      Eitherororneithernornor, such forks are horrors

      Forks Charles Simic

      This strange thing must have crept

      Right out of hell.

      It resembles a bird’s foot

      Worn around the cannibal’s neck.

      As you hold it in your hand,

      As you stab with it into a piece of meat,

      It is possible to imagine the rest of the bird:

      Its head which like your fist

      Is large, bald, beakless, and blind.

    6. laugh weakly

    7. struck by a vision.

    8. I really hate this fucking song.
    9. The fucking walnut veneer, brass handled drama freaked me out.
    10. centre cannot hold

      It can hold, it does hold, just not forever.


    11. Things fall apart

      “If you don't like my story,write your own” ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

    12. a raw post

      raw...like meat...like real...like Iggy


      Dance to the beat of the livin dead Lose sleep, baby, and stay away from bed Raw power is sure to come a-runnin' to you If you're alone and you got no fear So am I baby let's move on out of here Raw power is sure to come a-runnin' to you Raw power got a magic touch Raw power is much too much Happiness is guaranteed It was made for you and me Raw power, honey, just won't quit Raw power, I can feel it Raw power, it can't be beat Poppin' eyes and flashin' feet Don't you try, don't you try to tell me what to do Everybody always tryin to tell me what to do

      Look in the eyes of a savage girl Fall deep in love in the underworld Raw power is sure to come a-runnin' to you If you're alone and you got the shakes So am I, baby and I got what it takes Raw power is sure to come a-runnin' to you Raw power got a healin' hand Raw power can destroy a man Raw power, it's more than soul Got a son called rock and roll Raw power, honey, just won't quit Raw power, I can feel it Raw power, honey, can't be beat Get down, baby and a kiss my feet Everybody always tryin' to tell me what to do Don't you try, don't you try to tell me what to do Everybody always tryin' to tell me what to do Don't you try, don't you try to tell me what to do

      Raw power has got no place to go Raw power, honey, it don't want to know Raw power is a guaranteed O.D Raw power is laughin' at you and me

      This is what I wanna know Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Oh, honey, feel it Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Raw power Raw power Raw power Raw power Can you feel it? Feel it Raw power Raw power Raw power Raw power Raw power Raw power Can you feel it, baby?

    13. Seizing the perimeter

      Perimeters. Landscape. Equilibrium. Look out. There be rocks, abstract noun kraken tearing apart the ship of feeling. What a gavotte, a fucking Morris dance that I can't dance.


    1. tell better stories and translate boring data into beautiful visual content right in your browser. Share or download using our all in one easy-to-use editor.

      looks pretty versatile



    1. Adding this as a test of stuff and things and orphans.

      final test of the thngy for the thingy

    2. "oh, i don't know."So...I am aware to some degree or other about othering. Now what? Curated by tellio.

      testing the orphan tab

    1. "oh, i don't know."

      So...I am aware to some degree or other about othering. Now what?

    2. The other.

      I like to think of this word in one of its earliest meanings: either.

      The word and its world is locked in a yin yang. And why not? We are bipedial, binociular, binary brained, two-handed. The other and othering is embodied. Utterly. The world on the other hand (you see) is manifold, multilateral, messy and amusingly non-compliantly

    1. Thanks for giving me a venue to vent. I just spent hours upon hours that I won't get back trying to engage with folks who don't really care about me except to other me with their ideas of white male privilege. Yes, I am white and privileged because of that. OK, now what? Do you want me to change? How do you want me to change that condition? Of course this is tripwire territory. I don't give a shit. Let the claymores jump up to chest level and do what they do best.

    2. Is it so difficult to [under]stand?

    3. Twitter wouldn't do.

      You can't talk to a hashtag.

    4. A remark of Jesse Stommel came back to me.

      I think Twitter is Google's Stupid Translator. Then again I think of journal articles as Stupid Expanders.Words are hopeless hooligans but I'm with them as long as they buy the first round.

    5. Shriek.
    6. Shriek.

    7. Shriek.

    8. who has no doubt spent hours preparing for this moment.

      YOu can't close read reality as it happens? That is what the gut and the soul are for--those wordless, non-complexity reducifiers?

    9. Shriek.

    10. Shriek.

    11. No, words just won't do...

      Yet...they just did. Words about complexity reduce complexity. so....fucking....what.


    12. reduces complexity.

      Well...fuck. I guess thinking reduces complexity. Don't let complexity be the enemy to doing shit.

    1. connect to issues of identity and difference that are pressing within the US.

      Yes, there is a tendency to consider the US as monolithically privileged in these conversations. It is not. I live in a rural area that is extremely lucky to have any utility service at all. If it were not for the New Deal in the 1930's and the development of rural telephone and electic coops, there would be no internet in the boondocks. if we had to electrify the boondocks today, certain political elements would shrug and say, "I got mine and the devil take the hindmost." We are not all the same in the US.

    2. You can watch live (or recorded) at this YouTube link (we hope YouTube works or at least streams well enough in your country).

      Ever consider using Periscope or one of its variants for doing adhoc livestreaming from #digped? I know I am fond of laying extra work on youse guys, but perhaps we need to have a streaming jockey at conferences--and there only job is adhoc, getting the flavor of the conference, person on the street interviews.

    1. more than 1,500 educators and leaders of public, private and charter schools

      Do you even need teachers in this system? Perhaps we will call them concierges and pay them like Trump would pay his hotel and casino workers. You would certainly need more of them under any kind of coaching, mentoring regime.

    2. used

      This is the difference between these two products. The agency is direct with Google. I use Google Classroom. Here it is flipped. Facebook uses you and your inputs to filter out--what? Is there any proof that what FB filters is connected well with the incredibly complexity of learner curiosity and passion. I can only say that Zuckerberg and his minions must have poured over Skinner's pigeon experiments because now he is giving us all the bird.

    3. The idea is to encourage students to develop skills, like resourcefulness and time management, that might help them succeed in college.

      I am assuming that there is strong data that establishes a strong correlation between this LMS and resourcefulness-timemanagement-college success? How many acts of faith can dance on the head of a pin?

    4. student-directed learning system

      How can they say student-directed. It's a Facebook algorithm.

    5. Facebook is out to upend the traditional student-teacher relationship.

      Which student-teacher relationship? It is not monolithic. The power relationship? The sharing relationship? Or the whole relationship? When they are done will there be teachers anymore? If it can be done by a robot algorithm then is should be done by a robot algorithm?

    1. The image represents all participants converging to create a mesh of resources and opportunities.

      Not quite. There are two other classes of participants: lurkers and virtual connectors. I am one of the virtual participant who is both allied to one of your inner circle of participants, @vconnecting, and as a free agent. For example, I wanted to share the keynotes via the video annotation cloud program, Vialogues.com. For some reason they are unembeddable, Your cloud tag of participants has an impermeable boundary that keeps my message from getting through. I finally did make contact with @cogdog and Alan tweeted out some support. As of now...no response. Is this because you have a pre-set mesh, is it because the IRL demands of the institute demand inner focus, or is it because designing for virtual participation was at best an afterthought?

    2. people making connections in serendipitous ways.

      I am drawn to the work of James C. Scott, Seeing like a State. The best summary of his idea of legibility is on V. Rao's web site Ribbonfarm. Since we can also annotate with images, the one on that site from Scott's book is dispositive.

    3. Thanks so much for doing this Chris. For those of us who are connecting virtually these road maps help us quell the FOMO and embrace the JOMO.

    4. ways in which institutions marginalize people

      My attendance as a virtual participant makes me connect with the marginalization of those who are on the outside looking into #digped. It is unconscious for the most part and mitigated by the work of folks like Virtually Connecting. I understand the distraction and pressure on organizers to satisfy the needs of those who signed up and attended. In truth, they are in the first class seating. Unless you do serious pre-planning or a separate virtual institute, well...you get what you get. It does, however, violate my own personal online ethos

    1. Carry On!

      Haven't read this in years. I had Service's selected poetry when I was in junior high. Loved it.

    2. colossal Wreck

      I feel the weight of the zeitgeist sometimes and think I know what is going to happen. Or I think I know what I want to happen. But I feel so much like a man from the future viewing the throne of Oxymandias. Instead it is limestone building with stone columns with the names of long dead white guys inscribed in stone on the frieze. My building on my campus...

    1. bulwark of uselessness

      LOL, the more purely useless, the more potentially useful.

    1. The map is not the territory, but this comes damn close.

    2. It's up to each of us. 

      This was the Sanders message. I am anxiously waiting to see how it is taken up among my students.

    3. Eventually some will reach back, touch you, and say "let's connect".

      I hope you don't mind. I adapted this line to fit a poster with credit. It really is this simple when you come down to it. Like so many complex behaviors, they almost always start out as a couple of simple initial conditions.

    1. Sample instructions: Extra credit for up to 3% of the grade: 1) Get your own account at Hypothes.is at https://hypothes.is/register. Please use your name as enrolled for the username. 2) Join the test group at https://hypothes.is/groups/n3an6ndm/test-group. 3) Go to https://via.hypothes.is/fand.lunarservers.com/~lisahi2/hist104/AnAggravatingAbsence.pdf 4) Annotate the article with your own responses and answer those of others. Annotations are graded on academic quality, connections to coursework, acknowledgement’s of others’ ideas, and evidence of understanding of the article

      Most def gonna steal this.

    1. It is quite possible that the ideas would be the same.

      Yeah, perhaps, but what I think you are talking about here is tempo. Different media have different tempi. Some largo and others allegro.

    2. Maybe this is due to the unified, polished quality of published writing

      Maybe we can call it fat longform writing. In need of trimming but, meh, let it fucking stand.

    3. the morning, the unknown, the need to let ideas simmer

      Sounds like a poem

      the morning

      the unknown

      the simmer


    4. accentuates mood

      Like how your images also invoke mood as well, little windows into your mind's eye.

    5. shape the 10 minutes

      neat sculptor metaphor here, maybe a potter on a wheel. Here's the clay blank and here you go.

    6. There were pauses, non-sequiturs, and stumbling attempts to formulate questions (by me).

      raw material

    7. A Take-away

      Got me thinking about a nuts and bolts on how my writing gets from zero to done.

    1. I’m still looking for that extra hour in my day. I think it’s hiding with the cleaning fairy.

      Gotta love all your thinking out loud here. I love "process posts" like this one and I really want to hear more. I have put you in my feed reader and will be checking back regularly.

    2. Read the post. It’s about seeing which student to student connections are there and seeing which student to student connections are NOT there

      I would be very careful here. I am not suggesting that you not do this. Do it! Be aware of the unknown unknowns that lurk in every one of these visualizations. This is my grain of salt lecture, sorries. What is revealed is amazing and lulls us into the bias of WYSIWYG. I just listened to a grand podcast on Radiolab called from "Tree to Shining Tree" It is a must listen in order to recalibrate our hubris meters. You will love it and I think it is a way to leaven the work you are contemplating here. I look forward to hearing more.


    3. How many of our students are in idea bubbles?

      I really like this, but here is my guess: 100%

    4. But, this dynamic map of the conversation, it’s a game changer.

      If they use Twitter. I would like to a Snapchat or Whatsapp version of this or an Instagram version.

    5. Game over. No work is happening. (But it’s good. I mean it’s learning, right.)

      Here's another version of that graphic snapshot but more conventional and parsed out.

      Here it is.

    6. I’m thinking about the big picture of connections and community rather than the small, one-one conversations


    7. se it to improve my podcasting ideas

      been wanting to do some podcasting myself, don't know how to start, especially don't know how to carry forth after the first one.

    8. Community Connections

      Week Three theme for #clmooc

    1. how vastly my loneliness was deepened

      I ain't buying this as actually the young Billy Collins. These are not puerile thoughts. I guess I am projecting my own puerile self here, but this is the young would-be poet being channeled by the older poet. As seen in Yeats' "When You Are Old"

    2. into your head
    3. he notes are ferocious

    4. Marginalia

      Here is a Hackpad if anyone wants to go off book and add to the context of 'marginalia' in any way. The hackpad is editable as well as embeddable.

    5. As always if the page is too crowded just let me know and I will make my public notes private.

    6. Nonsense

    1. it's also an in-app purchase game, which is the least social, most obnoxious way to kill the vibe

      lest we fergit--it's all about the money Lebowski! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV59cxMsFnU

    2. Music industry experts

      Who? Straw man setup here.

    3. let’s step back and start thinking about how we can create more opportunities for young people to be meaningfully connected in an augmented way.

      I think we need to do the opposite, back off. Maybe the only opportunities we need to give them are ones that invite them to make their own....opportunities.

    4. They are just given too few opportunities to do so.

      Assumption here is that unless we "give them opportunities" to socialize, they won't. Exactly the same assumption many in education have: if we don't teach them they won't learn. Rubbish. I am confused here. Surely someone who has spent so much of her research life being in on teen zeitgeist would not ever take teen agency away. I see teen agency all the time, just not in my adult spaces.

      Reminds me of this cultural appropriation:

    1. The words inside a paragraph worked together for a common purpose. They had some specific reason for being inside the same fence.

    1. And Pokémon Go undermines

      Turkle argues the our definition of screen time has been made moot by Pokemon Go because you take the screen into the world. When I take a picture or shoot a video am I taking the screen into the world? I am suggesting that Turkle is the one with the naive approach. I suggest that any tool is marked as such by its ability to "take you into the world" . I take a picture of my tractor brakes before I take them apart. I guess if I wore a pair of WR goggles I could be like the Honda mechanic who wears a pair of Google Glasses in order to find parts in the inventory and videos with repair suggestions, but I am not at all sure that the reality there is substantively different than looking in a parts book to do the same thing. Is virtual real? Yes, considering that reality is all constructed in the mind anyway including what comes from our sensorium. It is real. Not exactly news, is it?

    2. the consistency and consequences of the physical world are so central to our relationships

      Huh? An example here?

    3. Addressing real problems

      As opposed to addressing virtual problems. See above: real and virtual problems are both...problems. distinction without a difference? Well, I suppose a real knife in PokemonGo would be quite different than a virtual one, but both are problems, yes?

    4. real

      There are a black hole's worth of assumptions in this world and its binary virtual-real.

  3. Jul 2016
    1. I don't think hope is very much. It's feeling a light summer breeze on the skin one day in July

      Hope isn't very much but what it is. Hope you don't mind what I did with the repetition.

    2. Light summer breeze
    3. Never do nothing
    4. There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want

      The original strip where I quoted from.<br>

    5. Ensor

      I B Loving yer gimme cap. That's what they calls 'em 'round here.

    1. My next challenge is how to feed this forward

      Another version of feedforward as a tool: http://faculty.medicine.umich.edu/sites/default/files/resources/feedforward.pdf Wanna try it?

    2. what I would like to do is use this to re-purpose Terry's message.

      Thanks for playing the game, a seriocomic game.

    3. Why would I bother? What's in it for me? What could I learn?
    1. Job description anyone

      From the Occupational Handbook w/ some attitude.

    2. hoss

      hoss = horse

      I have included a video of the greatest thoroughbred horse ever. A 'hoss' if ever there was one. For those who are not aficionados, note that Secretariat's 1:59 second race was a track record that is still the track record. The field may have had the very best speed horse ever, Sham, and the best gelding to ever race, Forego. The race itself is scintillating with Secretariat lurking at about sixth until the final turn. And then the big hoss just takes over. In racing this is called "rating", getting the measure of the other horses and then beating them, demoralizing them. If you notice in the stretch turn, Secretariat strays way out from the rail, a bad idea for most horses because you are asking it to run more track than those along the rail. Some jockeys get fired for this, but Ron Turcotte here, planned this from the beginning. He knew what champion he had. He didn't go to the whip at any time. That horse wanted to beat the others pure and simple.


    3. Boundary Catalysts

      If you are wondering what some of these boundaries might be, then check out this pen pal workshop for more guidance on boundaries between pen pals and prisoners. Here are a few of the listed boundaries if you want it quick:

      "Having trouble deciding if you want to visit your pen pal, or should you send money or packages, or how to respectfully set sexual boundaries? This workshop will open up the challenging conversation about setting personal boundaries as well as developing/maintaining respectful, accountable relationships through letter writing with pen pals inside prison walls."

    4. crossover moves

      The crossover is an elite move on the basketball court that involves the whole body in an attempt to fake out your opponent as you drive to the basket.<br> How does this apply to the post on the left? I am always advocating that teachers need to read outside their disciplines, to 'crossover' to other disciplines as you drive to the hoop. Well, I guess the metaphor breaks down quickly, so I hope you get the idea.


    1. Hanlon’s Razor — “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by carelessness.”)
    1. Whistling While They Worked: The Need for Creative Freedom in Collaborative Projects

      Have at it in the best spirit of real work in the realest of worlds--fiction. Gr8 work in the class and great work in drawing out the process undergone and well done.

    1. Once you figure out you can’t break anything on the Internet, getting your hands dirty by experimenting can present incredible stretches of that “flow” that comes with intense immersion in a task.
    1. not about starting a conversation at all

      Every question is a "barn raising"?

    2. what’s key here is the transactional nature of it

      One-to-one, no mutual common aid, no working together. Lone scholar/genius mentality.

    1. how inventions come to invent
    2. Kennedy explores through stories many inventions

      Have you seen Johnson's PBS series? Here it is.

    3. Most invention ideas go nowhere in the short run, but sometimes, those nowhere ideas lead to something else, and then …. who knows. It might lead to an idea that can change the world.

      Sounds to me like "infinite play". "There is no rule that says you have to follow the rules."

    4. you should see the bags of books she brought home)

    1. There is no rule that says you have to follow the rules.


    1. Therulesofafinitegamearepredeterminedand fixed.Therulesofan infinitegamemustchangein thecourseofplay,toavoid afiniteoutcome.Therulesofaninfinitegamearechanged to preventanyonefromwinningand to bring asmanypersonsaspossibleinto theplay


    1. Infinite players are not serious actors in any story, but the joyful poets of a story that continues to originate what they cannot finish.


    2. Infinite players are not serious actors in any story, but the joyful poets of a story that continues to originate what they cannot finish.

      Ineffability of the infinite game.

    1. “I’m wary of promises that more technology is the answer to problems caused by the overuse of technology,

      Reminds me of gun nut argument: the solution to mass gun death...is even more massive gun ownership. Tech solutionism is ubiquitous and corrupting.

    1. right-click

      Windows=right-click Mac=context menu

    2. Diigo

      Diigo is my 'comfy' link, image, and pdf collector. It serves the same function as Hypothes.is--annotator and aggregator. It has many more functions than Hypothes.is including outlining, screenshots, autoblogging.

    3. Zotero

      Zotero is my go-to academic info database. It gathers meta-tags so that it can automatically create citations, bibliographies, and reports. Unlike its competitor Mendeley, it is open source and free. It works as a standalone and as an extension.

    1. A button to copy individual annotations to the clipboard

      John, you sent me a link for this which I promptly lost in the siliconslide that is my puter. Can you send it again? I will UX the shit out of it.

    1. VR will be a new and unique “empathy machine.”

      This was the first one I saw that wasn't the equivalent to a rollercoaster. It did make me empathic where I had not been before.


    2. that the positive benefits of going on actual field trips

      I don't know whether IRL field trips are much benefit either.

    1. seems to be a hit with many readers.

      I am thinking to myself, "Self? What kind of knowledge is this that can be tested in such ways?" I would answer, "Pretty inconsequential." But the adjacent possibilities this tool opens is not.

      I would rather students make their own damned quizzes for themselves or their peers here, then as a group create a collaborative quiz and critique what is being tested and what isn't. I guess what I am saying is that this is a very potent tool. Let's not just use it for its lowest purpose.

    1. Why don’t more innovative ideas have huge REMIX THIS buttons?

      A: I think it is because it all because we are all playing the copyright-brand-registeredtradmark lottery. You can win if you don't play. Your chances at the jackpot are astronomically low so I say, "Don't play that fucking game." It is for the 'commons illiterate'.

    2. Why isn’t there more of this?

      A: When the system is sick, no one is whole.

    3. We celebrate this with family trees.

      Can't argue with the humanoid brand though, can you.

    4. If your seeds find root, your audience will find you and support you.

      And what if they don't? Is Doctorow a closet Darwinist here? This smacks of the phrase, "If you so smart, why ain't you rich?" Or modified here:

    5. It puts faith in the notion of something will be planted somewhere, and the world will continue.

      Reminds me of the novel, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn where he talks about givers and takers.

    6. If I didn’t want that to happen or unfold that way, I probably should have kept the idea to myself or tried to sell it with licensing restrictions — a phrase that gives me pause even as I write it.

      In connected learning, as we connect we learn. The network is the way we learn and we learn together. Learning is by definition a commons, shared and unbranded. What we create together WE own together with all the rights and duties attached to that knowledge and learning.