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  1. Nov 2015
    1. When was the last time that you held in your hands a piece of writing that was dear to you because of the hand that touched the paper before you?

      too seldom

    2. digital writing comes to you apparently weightless, placeless and cleaned of time

      beautiful framing

  2. Oct 2015
    1. This chapter suggests two ways to make the grading of writing easier,fairer, and more helpful for students: using minimal grades or fewerlevels of quality, and using criteria that spell out the features of goodwriting that we are looking for in the assignment.Grading Student Writing: MakingIt Simpler, Fairer, Clearer

  3. Sep 2015
    1. Indeed, it was often unclear from the level of engagement which participants were physically present at DPL and which were watching from afar. The present-absent-present dance was fascinating to observe.

      As a "virtual attendee" or "lurker" or "scoper," it was difficult to follow and frustrating at times, but super helpful and fun too, especially as resources (images, links, quotes) were shared out. Communicating the context of those resources is still a pretty tricky thing to do well.

    2. open the door for others outside the walls of the course to contribute their knowledge to the discussion.

      Not to mention opening the door for our student to share their knowledge/learning/expertise with the world.

    3. as hashtag to both unite a community of learners and provide a common tool to use as an introduction to those outside the boundaries of the community.

      Love this!

  4. Aug 2015
    1. Hello, my name is Lisa. My favorite color is orange. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to the network.”

      Hello my name is Greg. My favorite color is something only I see and they can often confuse the shit out of me. Welcome to the network.

    2. Though they can be enacted and nurtured via the tools of technology

      This is why I need to finish one read before I am done annotating. Authors often address earlier doubts. Its good writing.

    3. tool for a practice risks reductionism and even more risks replacing the core human-to-human relational element that defines networks with a human-to-technology relationship.

      The tools do mediate the spaces. Specialized language, an OG tool, has always signaled membership in and out of networks.

    4. First, think about your favorite color. Then, turn to the person sitting next to you. Extend your hand, say hello, state your name, and say your favorite color.

      As someone who is colorblind I want to stretch this metaphor somehow. Play with it semantically.