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  1. May 2023
    1. his study employed a two-part questionnaire. The first section askedrespondents to report demographic information to include age, gender,workplace position level, industry sector and years of full-time equivalent(FTE) work experience. The second section consisted of an off-the-shelf instrument entitled the Managing by Motivation (MbM) Question-naire (Sashkin, 1991).

      The study took place via questionaries, where the classical motivation theories of Maslow and Herzberg were usd to measure motivational factors in service workers.

    2. The specific objectives of this study were to:1. Investigate motivational factors that were perceived to provide pri-oritized influence for current foodservice workers who were alsostudents at three universities located in various regions of theUnited States.2. Identify relationships of self-reported motivational priorities amongmembers of diverse groups (gender, age, graduate standing, workexperience, workplace positional status) over a five-year time-frame.

      The purposes of the study were to investigate motivational factors for food service workers, and how said factors were affected by the employees identity (gender, age, graduate standing, work experience, etc). Participants were studied over a five year time frame, during which they reported motivational priorities.

    3. Onemajor contribution of the emotional labor perspective is the acknowledg-ment that workers are emotive beings who are expected to display posi-tive emotional states as part of performing work related functions.

      Exactly! They are more than just workers; you can't require a human being to always be happy or in a good mood, hence the 'labor' aspect of emotional labor.

    1. Thestruggleforsubsistencehadbecometheparamountfact oflifeformanypeople—andintheprocess,leisuretimebecameanunaffordable luxury.”


    2. orkersbecamevictimsinalarger-than-life struggleforfinancialdominance.

      And we still are.

    3. capitalism createdstrongincentivesforemployerstokeep hourslong.

      Right, because it causes one to work longer due to rhetoric and consumerism being the subcionsioiuly integrated into how they regard work

    4. he sh iort workyear reveals an important feature of precapitalistsociety: theabsenceofacultureofconsumptionandaccumulation

      Yes! It is rhetoric that motivates us to burn the candle at both ends the way we do, and by buying into the rhetoric, we set ourselves up to be overworked and unhappy

    5. De-spitetheseshortcomings,theavailableevidenceindicatesthatworkinghours undercapitalism,attheirpeak, increasedbymorethan50percentoverwhattheyhad beeninmedievaltimes(seefigure3.1).

      Her main idea of this chapter; the amount of time we work has in fact increased with the emergence of capatlism as a dominant force, rather than decreased.

  2. Apr 2023
    1. The idea that we shoulsl take the first four years of young adulthoodand devote them to career preparation alone, neglecting every otherpart ·of life, is nothing short of an obscenity


    2. College helps to furnishthe tools with which to undertake that work of self-discovery. It'svery hard, again, to do it on your own. The job of college is to assistyou, or force you, to start on your way through the vale of soul-making.

      The purpose of college; as to force you to work on yourself and develop your soul

  3. Sep 2022
    1. This is raising questions about the future of police robotics and what kind of oversight there should be.

      I think this is the main idea because it states the questions and details the article is going to show us about the future of police robotics.

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  7. Sep 2021
    1. Researchers have long criticized the technology for producing inaccurate results for people with darker skin

      The main idea taking about the text what say .

    1. Themainideaorthesis

      In this section make sure to include a summary of what you'll be writing about. an introduction to the paper. restate your main idea in your conclusion as well.

  8. Mar 2021
    1. In his first message to Congress, issued in December 1889, President Benjamin Harrison, a Republican and a veteran of the Civil War, called on Congress to stop the disenfranchisement of Black voters in the South and to help “secure to all our people a free exercise of the right of suffrage.”

      The author first develops his claim by exclaiming how president Harrison advocated for African American rights and their justice. The author states that the republicans want Harrison to promote this bill mainly for the support they are receiving from African Americans. However, this decision by Harrison was a big influence on the Lodge Bill. Also, this develops debate of african american rights which is still discussed today.

    2. Division among Republicans allowed Democrats to take the initiative. They delayed debate on the bill until after the November midterm elections, where Democrats won control of the House.

      This is a shift in the article as the author was talking about how the bill was still up to debate and the support was split up evenly, but after this, everything went down for Lodge's bill and the democrat senators eventually succeeded. This shift signifies the author's main idea that a small minority has the ability to dictate the entire government using harmful methods such as filibustering.

    1. A pride of lions on a fund-raising pitch can be relied on to bring in money that can be used to save the ground squirrel and the lilac-breasted rollers.Back when the restaurant ecosystem was functioning healthily, it had its charismatic megafauna, too.

      The similarities Pete points out between a wildlife ecosystem and a New York restaurant ecosystem serve to emphasize his point of how one major effect, COVID, can shut down multiple facets of the ecosystem. He does so by focusing on one word, megafauna, as he described the previous state of New York restaurants as having "charismatic megafauna".

  9. Feb 2021
    1. When you don’t want to face the consequences of your actions as a lawmaker — when you’d rather demonize scapegoats than give answers — you fight a culture war.

      The author finally jumps to the overall purpose, goal, or claim of the essay: to criticize the government officials(specifically Republicans) for their inability to fix their problems and create distracting disputes instead.

  10. Oct 2020
    1. The contrast between these two responses reveals a shift from projection onto an object to engagement with a subject

      how do you differentiate the lien between projection between an object and engagement to a subject

    2. human habit of making assump-tions based on perceptions of behavior

      in what other ways is this concept being used?

    3. people did not care if their life narratives were really understood. The act of telling them created enough meaning on its own

      just having something on the other end "listening" was very important to the majority of the students

    4. trust in Eliza did not speak to what they thought Eliza would understand but to their lack of trust in the people who would understand.

      talking to a machine because if it weren't a machine, can't trust the type of feedback or what were to come after

    5. human purposes of believable digital companions that are evocative but not authentic.

      evocative because to get any relation from robot you have to think about yourself and it is stimulating, however, it lacks authenticity because there is no sense of loss other than loss of self

    6. These questions ask what we will be like, what kind of people we are be-coming as we develop increasingly intimate relationships with machines

      brings to light an idea of how will we be affected by technology vs how will tech develop? leads into how can the design and approach to tech differ

    7. The questions raised by relational artifacts are not so much about the machines’ capabilities but our vulnerabilities — not about whether the objects really have emotion or intelligence but about what they evoke in us

      similar to abstract art and how art impacts us. What do we take away from all of this



    1. we must be prepared to act upon our interpretation of what is in the best interest of black people, that is, black people as an historically oppressed population. This is the fundamental necessity for advancing the political process.

      Adopting this kind of philosphical mindset help you value african history a different way.