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  1. May 2024
    1. We contributed free work to the company because the content is under a CC BY-SA license. It is fine to make money off our content as long as they adhere to the license. This forbids selling the content to OpenAI, though, since they do not provide attribution or release their derivative works under a compatible license.
  2. Nov 2021
    1. builds upon existing intellectual property systems and fosters

      ini sangat berkaitan dengan berbagai dokumen non makalah (misal salindia, poster) menggunakan lisensi terbuka (open license)

  3. Jun 2021
  4. Apr 2021
    1. I also sell Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise, extensions to Sidekiq which provide more features, a commercial-friendly license and allow you to support high quality open source development all at the same time.
  5. Feb 2021
    1. Free content encompasses all works in the public domain and also those copyrighted works whose licenses honor and uphold the freedoms mentioned above.
    1. We’re now relaunching PRO, but instead of a paid chat and (never existing) paid documentation, your team gets access to paid gems, our visual editor for workflows, and a commercial license.
  6. Jul 2020
  7. Nov 2019
  8. May 2019