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  1. Oct 2020
    1. The extent of faculty involvement in institutional decision making tendsto vary among institutional types

      This helps to address the institutional type question



  2. Feb 2019
    1. Finally, and for the encouragement of people troubled with accents that cut them off from all high employment,

      What's wrong with accents?

    2. But if the play makes the public aware that there are such people as phoneticians, and that they are among the most important people in England at present, it will serve its turn.

      Why are phoneticians the most important in England

    3. Pygmalion needs, not a preface, but a sequel,

      Why does pygmalion need a sequel?

    1. THEMOTHER.Howdoyouknowthatmyson'snameisFreddy,prayrTHEFLOWE

      Who is Freddy ?

    2. Cabwhistlesblowijigfranticallyinalldirections.Pedes-triansrunningforshelterintothemarketandundertheporticoofSt.Paul'sChurch,wheretherearealreadyseveralpeople,

      Why where people going crazy ?

    3. CoventGardenat11.15p.m.Torrentsofheavysummerrain

      What type of weather and season took placed during Act 1

    4. Pygmalion:aRomanceinFiveActs:byBernardShaw

      Who is this play by ?

    5. Pygmalion:aRomanceinFiveActs:byBernardShaw

      What is the name of this Play ?

  3. Sep 2017
    1. Harrison Bergeron was the son of Hazel and George Bergeron. He was astoundingly smart and an incredible athlete. He was also highly feared and uncontrollable.

  4. Jul 2017
    1. Up-regulation of glycolysis is proposed to endow cancer cells withseveral selective advantages, in particular the incorporation ofnutrients into biomass to sustain high rates of proliferation (2,3). Deregulation of certain cancer-related genes has been linkedto the acquisition of the glycolytic phenotype (4). The phospha-tase and tensin homolog, PTEN,2is a tumor suppressor mostwell known for its ability to oppose the PI3K/Akt signalingpathway through the dephosphorylation of phosphatidylino
    2. This has beentraditionally attributed to the hyperactivation of PI3K/Akt sig-naling that results from PTEN loss. Here, we propose a novelmechanism whereby the loss of PTEN negatively affects theactivity of the E3 ligase APC/C-Cdh1, resulting in the stabiliza-tion of the enzyme PFKFB3 and increased synthesis of its prod-uct fructose 2,6-bisphosphate (F2,6P2)
    3. Unlike normal differentiated cells, tumor cells metabolizeglucose via glycolysis under aerobic conditions, a hallmark ofcancer known as the Warburg effect

      Question 1 or 2

    4. Our results suggest animportant role for F2,6P2in the metabolic reprogramming ofPTEN-deficient cells that has important consequences forcell proliferation.

      This is ultimately how cancer cells are then successful