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  1. May 2024
    1. As in traditional classroom presentations, there can alsobe requirements for other students to view, respond, andask questions of the presenter. A typical setup mightinclude a requirement that the presenting student postthe presentation on the weekend, that the class view thepresentation during the first half of the week, and post acomment or question by Wednesday. The presenter studentwould then need to return later in the week to respond tocomments and questions.

      Way to make presentations easier and allow for interactive discussions in class.

    1. If the conversation gets too heated or off-topic, you may want to reach some sort of closure to the immediate discussion and defer the conversation to another class period, for which everyone can prepare.

      This article addresses discussion in on-ground classes as well

    1. Online educators who use discussion boards successfully estimatethat their interaction with students can be as much as three timesthe interaction with face-to-face students, and that peer-to-peerinteraction is even many times more than that.

      interesting -= this could be a reason for introducing discussions in face-to-face courses as well

    1. Managing online discussions of any kind can be a time-consuming endeavor, but it is the heart of a distance education course

      importance of online discussions

    2. For the first two weeks of a course, I leave detailed feedback in the gradebook comment section. If a student didn't meet the discussion expectations, I deduct points and refer them to the discussion guidelines.

      Importance of setting tone in 1st 2 weeks

  2. Dec 2023
    1. Are you two serious? Instead of advocating to fix this bug you go out of your way to post another bug report to advocate the devs to dig in their heels?! How about standardizing some devastating needed questions in the technology industry: 1. How does this help productive members of society? 2. Does this serve a useful purpose? 3. Should I be doing this? 4. Have I had a full, non-interrupted, rational conversation with multiple people who disagrees to help determine if I have objectively determined my answers to the first three questions?
  3. Nov 2021
    1. discussions as a positive experience

      discussions and the introverts online gives them a chance, nothing new

      1. Pros and cons of the crisis accompanying the pandemic transition to online learning.
    2. online discussions
  4. Oct 2020
    1. Please don't copy answers to multiple questions; this is the same as your answer to a similar question

      Why on earth not? There's nothing wrong with reusing the same answer if it can work for multiple questions. That's called being efficient. It would be stupid to write a new answer from scratch when you already have one that can work very well and fits the question very well.

  5. Aug 2020
  6. Nov 2018