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  1. May 2020
    1. If something is important enough to write down and keep track of, it’s important enough to schedule.
    2. One of the main goals is to avoid some giant, never-ending task backlog, either within the current week’s “To do later” section, constantly being carried over week after week and growing in size, or in a separate backlog.md, or similar, file, also just growing in size and causing most tasks to be completely burried & lost. Either a task should be scheduled as “I plan to work on this” or it should be completely discarded (it can always come back later if it turns out to be important).
    1. Things that arose throughout the week that captured my interest or demanded my attention and which I felt the need or capacity to do now.
    2. Tasks which I am giving myself permission to avoid doing at all this week. The checkboxes here are for indicating that these tasks have been scheduled elsewhere.
    3. Tasks that I may have been forwarding along or which I may have initially added to the “To do later” list which I no longer plan to do – if they happen, great, but I’m not actively planning to complete them.