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  1. Jul 2019
    1. Will Richardson highlights importance of learning and engagement based on pure passion of learning; without "waiting for a curriculum". Today's schools need to be re-envisioned in a way that fosters collaboration and real world/ problem-solving skills, and that steers away from test prep and replaces that with life-prep.

  2. Feb 2019
    1. Will Richardson

      Notes from video

      -Students don't need to have official instruction to learn new information -interactions with online tools can help students to learn on their own and with the help of teachers can help them to learn even more information -"Sharing my work online has become a huge part of the way I learn. Those connections make it possible for me to gain a bigger audience, which means more feedback and more learning" -Teaching information can be facilitated in many different ways- incorporating technology can help students to better learn information than with just us teaching them. -Hard truth- formation of schools how they were established are not relevant in how students are learning today- schools have to be places for deep inquiry where they can solve big problems- create important work where they can collaborate with people around the world-LIFE PREP- getting our students ready for real life and helping them to solve future problems that may occur.