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  1. Jan 2024
  2. Dec 2023
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmyVf_LhF50

      Nothing new or interesting here. Watched at 2x.

      Sad revelation is that Scott Scheper has indoctrinated Nico to the point that he's making videos for Scheper's channel rather than for himself. I hope Nico is getting something valuable (ie, monetary payment) for this.

  3. Nov 2023
    1. SOME OTHER THOUGHTS on Antinet Evangelistic Starter Boxes: While watching Scott's 1 on 1 with Peter "The Antinet Prince" when they were discussing having the starting categories somewhere, a thought occurred to me. We should have a box created/manufactured and pre-populated with the main sections, basic outline cards, and some starting cards (a few of each type) with blanks to reformulate some pre-printed excerpt notes. This could have a bunch of foundational stuff from Luhmann's material. It could lead to a whole line of Antinet boxes (cool drawers that are stackable/expandable) and other helpful stuff. I worked for a plastics mold manufacturing company for over 10 years and have a lot of good friends there still. I'd be willing to help in the process if others think this might be a worthwhile endeavor. What do you think u/sscheper?


      Example of someone using the phrase "Antinet Evangelistic Starter Boxes". It's a box of cards for god's sake! If you're going to productize it, then be a capitalist about it, but "evangelizing" it?!

  4. Oct 2023
    1. Scott continues in his efforts not to make any main notes, but is pushing the indexing of ideas where they live directly in books using only a topic in his index and a page number.

      He calls this practice, which he himself practices, sacrilegious. 00:00:27

      What happened to pushing knowledge-building?!?

      This is the second video I've seen him do this. (Previously: https://hypothes.is/a/28AkYFadEe6ZH_MjTZlnLQ). So his Antinet zettelkasten is now primarily an index and bibliographic cards with fleeting notes. He's specifically leaving out any of what he has previously called main notes.

  5. Feb 2023
  6. Dec 2022
    1. TRUE

      why keep harping on this framing?

    2. beliefs

      belief is a charged word when attempting to build systems for uncovering truths...

    3. I hope I wouldn’t call it a wiki!

      There's some flawed logic here in that Ward Cunningham outlined his version of a wiki and others who created versions thereafter modified and potentially expanded on that original "definition". We now have a general consensus of a wiki, but it's not necessarily the same for everyone. Scheper doesn't leave any fungible room in the semantics of his argument here and thereby forces one into a practicing the "one true way", which doesn't exist as even Luhmann's own practice varied over time.

    4. fundamental truth

      Harnessing the dictionary into fronting for his zettelkasten religion?

    5. you’re doing things the old way,the hard way, the true way.

      note the pathos along with a bit of religious zeal here about the "true way".

    1. Después de esta historia superficialmente narrada por mí, usted se preguntará, "Y entonces, a cual debo seguir?" A ninguno. Hay un problema en nuestra sociedad, que también se extiende hasta el Zettelkasten: nos hemos fanatizado. Hemos hecho nuestras decisiones políticas, sociales, sexuales, etc., como la esencia de nuestra persona. Me gustaría expandir en ese tema en un futuro artículo, pero por ahora nos importa como eso se relaciona con la elección del zettelkasten: hay peleas y discusiones violentas entre los seguidores de Scheper, los de Ahrens, los digitales, etc. Hay una gran radicalización y tribalismo, evitando la discusión crítica y el discordar intelectual. Y no podemos ser así. Personalmente, el zettelkasten que uso actualmente es más basado en el de Scheper, pero aún así veo a los otros, leo a Ahrens, etc., todo para tener una visión completa y variada de lo que es el Zettelkasten.

      Facundo Macías notices, as have I, a semblance of internecine almost religious/fanatical war between various note taking camps.

      To get away from these we should instead on specific processes, their affordances, and their potential emergent outcomes in individual use. Most people begin these entrenched thoughts based on complete lack of knowledge. Few have practiced some of the broader methods for long enough to get to potential emergent properties.

  7. Jul 2022
    1. In one of his videos he talks about "approaching the mind of god" or something similar, in a way I can't entirely tell whether he is paraphrasing an early-modern note-taker or saying that's what he thinks he is doing himself. I don't really care whether he's religious or not, unless it compromises the system he's building.

      These always read as hyperbole to me, but it's difficult to explain the surprise and serendipity of re-finding things in one's notes on a regular basis. It's akin to the sort of cognitive dissonance that religious people have when encountering the levels of complexity formed by living systems through evolution. Not having better words for describing the experience, they may resort to descriptions of magic or religion to frame their experiences.