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    1. Watts, Charles J. The Cost of Production. Muskegon, MI: The Shaw-Walker Company, 1902. http://archive.org/details/costproduction01wattgoog.

      Short book on managing manufacturing costs. Not too much of an advertisement for Shaw-Walker manufactured goods (files, file management, filing cabinets, etc.). Only 64 pages are the primary content and the balance (about half) are advertisements.

      Given the publication date of 1902, this would have preceded the publication of System Magazine which began in 1903. This may have then been a prototype version of an early business magazine, but with a single author, no real editorial, and only one article.

      Presumably it may also have served the marketing interests of Shaw-Walker as a marketing piece as well.

      Tangentially, I'm a bit intrigued by the "Mr. Morse" mentioned on page 109 who is being touted as an in-house consultant for Shaw-Walker.... Is this the same Frank Morse who broke off to form the Browne-Morse Co.? (very likely)

      see: see also: https://hypothes.is/a/Sp8s4sprEe24jitvkjkxzA for a snippet on Frank Morse.

  4. Jan 2023
    1. An alternative school of Darwinism emerged in Russia emphasizing cooperation, not competition, as the driver of evolutionary change. In 1902 this approach found a voice in a popular book, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, by naturalist and revolutionary anarchist pamphleteer Peter Kropotkin.

      Was this referenced in the Selfish Gene?

      Things working at the level of the gene vs. species...

  5. May 2019
    1. l faut attendre juin 1949 pour que la question de la collecte, du classement, de la conservation, et de la communication des archives scientifiques soit concrètement posée

      En 1902, Léon Azoulay dresse la liste des archives sonores recueillie par des anthroopologues (cf Liste des phonogrammes composant le Musée phonographique de la Société d'Anthropologie [article]sem-linkAzoulay (L.)Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris Année 1902 3 pp. 652-666 https://www.persee.fr/doc/bmsap_0301-8644_1902_num_3_1_6077) : ne peut-on y voir les premières archives de terrain organisées ?