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  1. Oct 2020
    1. قال الشارح: (وفي إرسال الرسل) جمع رسول، فعول من الرسالة، وهي سفارة العبد بين الله تعالى وبين ذوي الألباب من خليقته ليزيح بها عللهم فيما قصرت عنه عقولهم من مصالح الدنيا والآخرة، وقد عرفت معنى الرسول والنبي في صدر الكتاب (حكمة) أي: مصلحة وعاقبة حميدة. وفي هذا إشارة إلى أن الإرسال واجب لا بمعنى الوجوب على الله تعالى، بل بمعنى أن قضية الحكمة تقتضيه لما فيه من الحكم والمصالح.

      The meaning of this verse is so and so and the explanation is given in an elaborate manner.

  2. Aug 2019
  3. doc-0k-c0-docs.googleusercontent.com doc-0k-c0-docs.googleusercontent.com
    1. Roughly one in 10 Americans is uninsured, but many more struggle to pay their medical bills.

      Explains how health care is offered to people in the U.S but 1 in 10 cant afford it and struggle.

    2. Health care has emerged as a key fault line for Democrats. All of them want to make changes, but their plans vary widely --from building on the

      First explains how Democrats have a difference of opinion when it come to health care and can part take in a serious discussions about it.

  4. Dec 2017
    1. Random assignment is not guaranteed to control all extraneous variables across conditions. It is always possible that just by chance, the participants in one condition might turn out to be substantially older, less tired, more motivated, or less depressed on average than the participants in another condition.

      Good explanation of random assignment