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  1. Jun 2024
    1. 04:00 Allen compares GTD to F1, here. Funnily enough, the most productive people are the ones that get most into GTD. Similarly, the fastest people, in F1, want to get even faster, "by reducing drag in the system".

      Interestingly, DRS can thus be used in other contexts, like productivity. "How can you open your flap, and reduce drag, like F1 cars do?"

  2. Feb 2024
    1. Why is the Bahrain Grand Prix on a Saturday? Bahrain, which has hosted the season-opener since 2021, usually hosts its grand prix on a Sunday as is customary in the sport, but due to Ramadan the 2024 race will be on a Saturday night.The Islamic holy month of Ramadan starts on Sunday 10 March, when the second race of the season in Saudi Arabia would have taken place.To avoid a clash, that race in Jeddah has been brought forward by one day to Saturday 9 March, and as FIA rules dictate, there must be at least seven days between races - meaning the Bahrain GP has a Saturday slot too.

      There needs to be 7 days in between races. And Jeddah race is earlier due to Ramadan.

      Bahrain weekend thus starts from Thursday till Saturday.

    1. Lewis Hamilton will make a shock move to join Ferrari in 2025. The Guardian understands that the seven-time Formula One world champion has agreed a deal with the Scuderia that is set to be announced as soon as Thursday evening.

      Announcement to be made on 2024-02-01 Thursday evening

  3. Dec 2023
    1. 08:30 High action sports like F1 have a higher innate rate of pregression due to their being flow, naturally, in these sports

  4. Oct 2017