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  1. Sep 2019
    1. nts5.

      This paper uses footnotes instead of MLA in-text citations like you will use. If you were to use a paraphrase from a source like this, you would put (Campbell 76) in place of the 5. Campbell is the author and 76 is the page number.

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    1. (Manning 2014c, p. 1158)

      This is an example of an APA citation that uses a page number. The MLA version would look like this (Manning 1158). 1158 is the page number.

    2. (Duggan 2013).

      This article is using APA. We are learning MLA in this class this semester. The MLA citation would delete the year (2013) and only inlclude the author's last name (Duggan).

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  6. Dec 2015
    1. Commentary as a practice of annotation that not only helps readers comprehend a text but also facilitates its critical evaluation elucidates the relevance of the text for a particular readership and establishes or promotes specific interpretations.

      I think like we're working with a very limited (even if acknowledged) definition of commentary/annotation. We're really just talking about expert analysis laid over a text, which is nothing new, though as pointed out below this tradition can achieve a new dynamism in the online environment.

      What I think is more interesting about annotation and the digital humanities is the potential for readers themselves to become truly active contributors to the knowledge surrounding the texts--not simply served explanation for their relatively passive comprehension.

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    1. In fact, the year has been somewhat encouraging on that front. Upon returning from Washington in January, I reported on the New Faculty Majority summit for Inside Higher Ed

      Found here.