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  1. Nov 2023
    1. militarized masculinities are sites where boundary lines are drawn – “one between good guys and bad guys and the other separating what we can look at from what we can’t”

      polarised identity formation

    2. constructed, reproduced, and influenced by gendered relationships within military institutions.
    1. hows that Gurkhas are actively shaping their own futures and challenging stereotypes through their actions.

      starting to change

    2. Gurkhas, who have a reputation as fierce warriors due to their martial race

      superior people decided based on masculine qualities such as being active

    3. gendered nature of the security industry and the participation of primarily men.
  2. May 2016
    1. Now, I shall not tell you in detail how or why it became necessary for Me to "drive" You (nowmanifesting as Man or Humanity) out of the Garden of Eden, other than to remind you of the partthat Desire plays in Earth expression, and its relation to My Will; how it centers your interest inouter things and makes you forget Me within.When you have solved that and comprehended somewhat of My reason, then perhaps you canunderstand the necessity of first causing You (Humanity) to fall into a deep sleep (You havingarrived at the close of another Cycle called a Cosmic day), and of letting you dream you hadawakened, -- but in reality you were and are still asleep, and everything from that day to this,including all seeming Earthly events and conditions, have been but a Dream, from which youwill fully awaken only when You (Humanity) again become wholly conscious of Me within, --and of finding Yourself (Humanity) no longer outwardly one, but two; one an active, thinking,aggressive part, thereafter called a man, and the other a passive, feeling, receptive part, -- awomb-man, or woman

      Masculine, the outer..... Feminine, the recpetive, feeling, womb..........

  3. Nov 2015
    1. You are the masculine figure, the point at which Life emerges into manifestation. You are also the feminine figure, that out of which the form is formed. You are the Life, and you are the Substance by means of which Life is Self-expressed. It is a total and complete Life process. Your Being is the Father/Mother God referred to in one of your prayers. As I said, all of you is always present.

      Map this out - come up with an image of Being, Totality, and Creativity.

      This is a further description of Being; masculine, feminine, Life, and the Substance by which Life is expressed.