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  1. Aug 2021
    1. Storage: HTML form like server POST, or annotation server protocol maybe.

      or BYFOB.

    2. Establish a local gateway on the user's machine. This would not be easy to do portably

      With S4, we can do better.

    3. the problem that the script is only allowed to access content on the same server
    1. Firefox security won't in general let a script from a given DNS domain (like www.w3.org) read web data from a different domain. To change this,

      How not to futureproof your work.

  2. Feb 2021
    1. The Webfinger endpoint is always under /.well-known/webfinger, and it receives queries such as /.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:bob@my-example.com. Well, in our case we can cheat, and just make it a static file:

      Another anti-endorsement for protocols that require this level of power.

  3. May 2016
    1. Authors seldom create links and lexias, nor do they in-sert visual images or sound effects into the narrative proper.

      Not true anymore.