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  1. May 2022
    1. We also support machine tags that follow the pattern NAMESPACE:KEY=VALUE. For example: geo:lat=43.555 camel:size=medium machine:tag=with space Machine tags are not revealed to the user on the track pages.

  2. Dec 2021
    1. API

      In order to access the JavaScript object which provides the SoundCloud Widget API, add this script to your html page.

      This script exposes the SC.Widget(/*iframeElement|iframeElementID*/) function to the global scope. It allows you to control the widget from the parent page (the page the widget is inserted into). SC.Widget accepts the reference to the iframe element or its id.

      var iframeElement   = document.querySelector('iframe');
      var iframeElementID = iframeElement.id;
      var widget1         = SC.Widget(iframeElement);
      var widget2         = SC.Widget(iframeElementID);
      // widget1 === widget2
  3. Oct 2021
  4. Oct 2019
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  6. Jan 2016
    1. The Internet transmits data of all kinds: text, images, sounds, moving pictures, etc. The World Wide Web is a newly powerful word (or medium of symbolic representation, or language) that allows us to imagine and create newly powerful n-dimensional representations of the n-dimensional possibilities of “coining words” (making and realizing representations) together.

      From Twitter, to Instagram, to Soundcloud, to Vimeo this is extremely evident. Look at the connection between what is said in the article and the links provided. Twitter is full of rich text, images, sounds and motion pictures. It is a sort of melting pot of it all. Instagram as well. The singular options include Soundcloud for sound (of course) and Vimeo for "...moving pictures."

  7. May 2015