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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Instead of worrying, strategize solutions to manage anxiety:Add a disclaimer to your posts: "I'm sharing my rough thoughts as I explore ideas that interest me. I encourage readers to leave comments sharing their own experiences."Instead of claiming ownership over the ideas in your posts, curate other people's ideas and attribute them. Many newsletters, blogs, and Twitter accounts exclusively curate third-party content. Over time, weave in your original thoughts alongside the curated ones. Continually increase the original proportion until you're comfortable being the dominant voice in every post.Write under a pseudonym. Widely-read blogs like Slate Star Codex and The Last Psychiatrist don't publicize their authors' names. It hasn't deterred millions of readers from loving their work. Later, as you become comfortable with readers' reactions, you can consider appending your real name.
  2. Jul 2020
  3. Feb 2020
    1. Generell dienen negative Emotionen wie Furcht einem wichtigen Zweck: Sie sind unverzichtbar, weil sie dem Einzelnen mitteilen, wie es um ihn steht. "Welchen Nutzen hätte ein Kompass, dessen Nadel bewegungslos auf Norden verharrt?"
  4. Sep 2018
    1. Stress voorkomen door de angstcultuur aan te pakken. Angstcultuur door niet hard genoeg werken waarbij de bazen de 'standaard'zetten.