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  1. May 2020
  2. Oct 2013
    1. On the contrary, you will find the greater number of men both ready in conceiving and quick in learning, since such quickness is natural to man.

      I may be misremembering, but it seems like most of the authors prior to Quintilian had a more reserved attitude when it came to the masses and they're general intellectual aptitudes.

  3. Sep 2013
    1. I say to them that if they are to excel in oratory or in managing affairs or in any line of work, they must, first of all, have a natural aptitude for that which they have elected to do; secondly, they must submit to training and master the knowledge of their particular subject, whatever it may be in each case; and, finally, they must become versed and practised in the use and application of their art; for only on these conditions can they become fully competent and pre-eminent in any line of endeavor. In this process, master and pupil each has his place; no one but the pupil can furnish the necessary capacity; no one but the master, the ability to impart knowledge while both have a part in the exercises of practical application: for the master must painstakingly direct his pupil, and the latter must rigidly follow the master's instructions.

      Aptitude, training, practice/teacher