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  1. Feb 2023
    1. the birth of Athena from his head and suggests possibleinterpretations of these episodes

      I'll bet there's no mention that this is useful because it's an incredibly memorable image!

  2. Mar 2021
    1. vim-athena doesn't depend on or use any version of GTK+. If you use sudo apt-get build-dep vim-athena, it probably will install GTK+ and GNOME related libraries, because the vim-athena binary package is built from the same source package as vim and other vim-providing packages. In any case, you shouldn't need to build from source, as the binaries provided by vim-athena are already built against Athena and not against GTK+ or other graphical toolkits.
    2. Fortunately, vim officially supports some GUI's other than GTK+ and Qt, and one such build is officially packaged for Ubuntu. Just install the Athena version of vim, which is provided by the vim-athena package.
  3. Apr 2020
    1. Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL.

      query data from s3

  4. Aug 2018
    1. Then shining Heav'nly fair, a Goddess arm'd Out of thy head I sprung; amazement seis'd All th' Host of Heav'n back they recoild affraid At first, and call'd me Sin, and for a Sign

      This is odd, because it resembles Athena fully armed springing out of Zeus' head when he swallowed Metis, for fear that she would give birth to a child that would supplant him. Athena was the highly respected goddess of women who unfortunately strongly favored males over females, and claimed she had no mother, even though Metis was her actual mother. Sin here has no mother - she is born only of Satan. What isn't clear here is why Milton turns the Athena myth on its head (so to speak!) by substituting SIN for the goddess of wisdom.

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    1. history

      Like a true oral historian, Arachne refuses to weave narratives as told by the gods [accept the dominant narrative]. Through her political praxis i.e. weaving, she resurrected a narrative that remained below the radar and thus told a story which seems to have destabilized normative criterion of knowability and that infuriated Athena.

      Here's a great oral history interview sequence: http://oralhistorykosovo.org/hava-shala-interview-sequence/

  9. Feb 2014
    1. But when the messengers came to Delphi, the Pythian priestess would not answer them before they restored the temple of Athena at Assesos in the Milesian territory,

      1.19. The Pythia refuses to answer the question about the illness until the Lydians rebuild the temple of Athena at Assesos.