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  1. Jan 2024
    1. At COS, our design ethos has always put enduring style and quality first. From reaching 93% more sustainably sourced materials in our collection to the launch of circular initiatives like COS Resell and Full Circle, we have made huge progress so far. But that's not enough. We can do more. Read on to find out how we plan to create a more sustainable world for our products, stores, suppliers and customers.

      For this website I like the magazine and sustainability page. I like the contrast and playfulness of the images and the text. For my website the blog page I want it to be similar to this one, with a lot of pictures.

    1. The denim edit Filter Filter

      The overall quality of the images is something that I appreciate as a customer and how they display it through the website.

    1. READ ON

      At the end of each page there are different quicklinks that people can use for different inquiries of pages they might want to visit.

    2. Places

      On the magazine page there is a page for places they are recommending. When creating my proposal that was something I was planning on doing because I think it is different and well appreciated by customers.

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