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  1. Sep 2019
    1. What follows is a flexible, four-part lens for evaluating key possible dimensions of a CTL’s work — hub, incubator, temple, sieve — derived from a heuristic developed by others to categorize the literature on purposes of higher education (Stevens, Armstrong, & Arum, 2008).

      Interesting way to use an object as a way to describe the work of CTLs--hub, incubator, temple, sieve

    2. Because documentation of student learning impacts may not reflect the core objectives of all CTLs — and because this investigation is resource-intensive

      Measuring impact of on student learning outcomes is resource-intensive. This makes me think of the Tracer project.

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    1. Connecting the Dots:A Proposed Accountability Method for Evaluating the Effi cacy of Faculty Development and Its Impact on Student Outcomes

    1. “It seems like there’s less introducing of brand-new technology in teaching and learning, as opposed to really thinking more about how do you teach well with it.”

      Or do you even need to teach with it?