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  1. May 2020
    1. Relative to conventional plots, estimation plots offer five key benefits:

      Estimation plots > bars-and-stars or boxplot & P.


      • avoid false dictonomy
      • display all observed values
      • focus on intervention effect size
      • visualise estimate precision
      • show mean difference distribution
    2. For comparisons between 3 or more groups that typically employ analysis of variance (ANOVA) methods, one can use the Cumming estimation plot, which can be considered a variant of the Gardner-Altman plot.

      Cumming estimation plot

    3. Shown above is a Gardner-Altman estimation plot.

      Gardner-Altman estimation plot shows all the relevant information:

      1. Datapoints presented as swarmplot
      2. Effect size is presented as bootstrap 95% confidence interval (95% CI) on a seperate but aligned axes
    4. Jitter plots avoid overlapping datapoints (i.e. datapoints with the same y-value) by adding a random factor to each point along the orthogonal x-axes.

      Jitter plots displays all datapoints but it might not accurately depict the underlying distribution of the data:

    5. Unfortunately, the boxplot still doesn't show all our data.

      Boxplots may be better than barplots (they introduce medians, quartiles, minima and maxima), but still doesn't show all the information:

    6. The barplot has several shortcomings, even though its use in academic journals is endemic.

      Barplots are not the best choice for data visualisation:

  2. Feb 2020
    1. We’re mapping a human health tragedy that may get way worse before it subsides. Do we really want the map to be screaming bright red? Red is a very emotive colour. It has meaning. It can easily connotate danger, and death, which is still statistically extremely rare for coronavirus.

      Why using a red colour on choropleth map might be not the best choice

    2. you cannot map totals using a choropleth thematic mapping technique. The reason is simple. Each of the areas on the map is a different size, and has a different number of people in it.

      Why using choropleth thematic mapping isn't a good idea for a Covid-19 map

  3. Nov 2013
    1. Not even gephi is very good at visualising temporal networks.

      Hmm I disagree. In teh version of Gephi very thing is cool.