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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Performing installation on customer side

      Background: From v2.0, the internal UPS is removed from Atlas server. So the external UPS needs to be setup for WPH v2.0.

      Issue: Lack of procedure (Setup procedure of External UPS for WPH v2.0)

      Request: Add procedure

      Note: KMI will provide HW setup procedures to the technical writer.

    2. Cleaning up resources using OpenStack command-line interface

      Before this section, add the following statement.

      If your VM is generated by landscape, jump to step 5. If your VM is generated by OpenStack, go thorough the next step.

    3. Virtualization procedures (Landscape)

      Lack of Procedures:

      -Accessing a Windows VM via Remote Desktop Protocol

      -Accessing a Linux VM using a Windows computer

      -Deleting SL Agent

      -Installing OpsRamp Agent

    4. Enabling maintenance mode

      [Basic-1] Extra procedure? (Enabling/Disabling Maintenance mode)

      Background: From v2.0, switching between enabling and disabling maintenance mode in the Restore process has been automated. Therefore, the "Enabling maintenance mode" and "Disabling maintenance mode" steps are no longer required. Issue : The procedure that is not used is described. Request : Remove description

    5. Upgrading RAM

      [Upg Srv Hw-1] Need corrections (Upgrading RAM)

    6. wph-acronis-agent-maintenance --install-latest

      [Upgrade-2] Inappropriate procedure?(Upgrading Acronis agent)

      Background: There are two ways to update Acronis agent.?a)wph-acronis-agent-maintenance --install-latest (Upgrade to the latest agent released by Acronis)?b)wph-acronis-agent-maintenance --install-release (Upgrade to the latest agent supported by WPH) Issue : The IG has instructions to upgrade the agent using method a after upgrading the WPH. ?As a result, the agent is updated to an agent that does not support WPH. Request : Replace with the instruction to upgrade the agent by the method b.

    7. The default backup plans are created with a default schedule and frequency, default backup data retention, and available backup data storage location and encryption.

      [Upgrade-1] misdescription (Default Backup plan)

      Background: The Default Backup plan created by Backup Recovery Assistant is unencrypted. Issue: In the description below, it is incorrect to say that it is encrypted with the Default Backup plan. Action: Delete the relevant part

    8. Redeeming purchase codes To redeem a purchase code, do the following: Log in to your Konica Minolta MarketPlace store page. On the MarketPlace homepage, go to Activity > Redeem Code. Insert your Purchase Code. Click the Redeem button.

      [MarketPlace-1] Only one method of Redeeming Purchase code is described

      Background: There are two ways to Redeem the Purchase code a) Redeem the Purchase Code on the MarketPlace Web b) Enter the Purchase Code in ISW to Redeem Issue : Only method a is described. Request : Add method b