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  1. Mar 2024
    1. the partners’ consent to romantic and sexual relations with other people as well as the possibility of maintaining a common household and collective parenting

      there is a primary relationships with relationships on the side

    1. Polyamory includes many different styles of intimate involvements, however, most polyamorous-identified individuals report having two concurrent partners [12], and one of the most commonly discussed polyamorous relationship configurations is characterized by a distinction between primary and secondary relationships [13–14]. In this configuration, a primary relationship is between two partners who typically share a household (live together) and finances, who are married (if marriage is desired), and/or who have or are raising children together (if children are desired) [9]. Partners beyond the primary relationship are often referred to as non-primary partners or ‘secondary’ partners. A secondary relationship often consists of partners who live in separate households and do not share finances [9]. In general, secondary partners are afforded relatively less time, energy, and priority in a person’s life than are primary partners. Furthermore, a secondary relationship often consists of less ongoing commitments, such as plans for the future

      like stef said, you can have a main relationship (marriage) and then one or m+ on the side

  2. Dec 2019
    1. Il me répéta que notre société ne respecte que les femmes mariées.

      Trace forte de l’imaginaire social de l’époque.

    2. et j’avais pensé avec regret que c’était un monsieur marié, très lointain, pour qui je n’existerais jamais

      L’existence se manifeste sous la forme du mariage, aux yeux de l’homme – par une espèce « d’existentialisme du mariage »! (ce philosophisme est de moi, à prendre avec un grain de sel).