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  1. May 2021
    1. Purpose for the Mentor:Develop leadership skills‍Being put in the position of a role model can help mentors become better leaders and instill confidence in their leadership ability. The responsibility of helping guide someone’s career and goals requires the senior employee to teach, to motivate and to offer honest feedback in difficult conversations. All these skills are at the top of the required list for a leader.

      This is something that I've been thinking about in terms of career growth, and how one of the things we expect of engineers as they become more senior - is that they can take on leadership roles, level up other people, etc - but we often don't provide them with the tools or opportunity to work on these skills, or go into what skills are required to go into this tk.

  2. Jul 2020
    1. and mentoring has become a critical ingredient for such success

      Mentoring is a critical ingredient for success! How can we expand mentorship to those students who may not get what the article calls "natural mentoring"?

  3. Nov 2018
  4. Dec 2016