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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Dave Lane at OERu where they have been running an instance for a few years at https://mastodon.oeru.org/ – he has some Docker stuff written - he is super generous / helpful

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>cogdog</span> in How About A Fediverse Space? - Feature Requests - Reclaim Hosting Community Forums (<time class='dt-published'>11/11/2022 11:32:46</time>)</cite></small>

  2. May 2019
    1. 9.3 Earth’s Magnetic Field

      Hi All,

      Ryan here from UTAS. Looking forward to our #ETHS101 students sharing their thoughts on the Earth's Magnetic Field and why it is so important to life.

  3. Oct 2018
  4. Aug 2017
    1. Librem 5, the phone that focuses on security by design and privacy protection by default. Running Free/Libre and Open Source software and a GNU+Linux Operating System designed to create an open development utopia, rather than the walled gardens from all other phone providers.

      This is relevant to anyone uncomfortable with the degree of control multinational corporations have over their digital identity, which is increasingly becoming peoples' main identity.

  5. Oct 2015