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  1. Feb 2019
    1. Declaration of Rights and Principles to Transform Scholarly Communication

      You can keep up on overall open access news from the University of California system online.

  2. Sep 2018
    1. The plan, which was initiated by Robert Jan Smits, the Open Access Envoy of the European Commission, outlines 10 principles, which can be distilled into four essential actions:

      A summary of Plan S, the European plan to support open access publishing.

  3. Aug 2018
  4. Feb 2018
  5. Sep 2016
    1. Within the digital world, the cost of publishing and distribution drops dramatically (not to zero, but much closer than ever before)

      Is this true within an academic publishing context? First copy costs remain substantially high: editing, review, typesetting, server and band with costs, marketing etc. are still part of a digital only model. One thing that is important to explore though is what these first copy costs consist off in a digital context, to explore from there what the profit margin is that publishers put on top (plus cost for printing etc.). This could lead to the development of perhaps a more fair and transparent system based on actual costs. For books the OAPEN-NL project tried to do exactly this: https://openreflections.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/oapen-nl-final-report.pdf

  6. Jun 2016
    1. this diverse set of goals

      This doesn't sound like a problem to me. Individual research communities should be able to adopt an OA style that works for them. I've never thought it realistic that the sciences and humanities will pick the same kind of OA, it's never been clear to me why it even needs to be the same kind, but [deity] do we waste a lot of breath and text talking about this.

  7. Sep 2015
    1. The Availability of open-access, peer-reviewed scientific articles and the state of institutional repositories

      OA can be paired with OER

  8. Aug 2015
    1. Open access and altmetrics: Distinct but complementary

      My paper is actually open access at the original journal site, here: https://asis.org/Bulletin/Apr-13/AprMay13_Mounce.html

      Please don't pay to access it from here!

      I had no idea Wiley had any arrangement with ASIST to sell access to my article. It's pretty unethical to sell access to an authors work without their consent if you ask me!