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  1. Jul 2017
    1. The president is not only a former reality-show star, but one whose fame is based more on performance than reality

      But is Trump's position the result of an excess of something, as Baudrillard is arguing? Or is this just the facile observation that Trump's accomplishments are not really that real.

    2. So the logical response to Trumpism is to counter him with someone who can truly challenge the economic status quo, rather than being a mere avatar for such hopes.

      And the final call to action is economic, not cultural. It makes all the earlier handwaving about culture seem beside the point. The models for change here seem contradictory and either/or.

    3. Trump is the product not just of a fluke election or a racist and sexist backlash, but the culmination of late capitalism

      This is what the article could be about if it weren't for the author's distaste for contemporary culture.

    4. The waves that carried a ridiculous TV celebrity to the presidency are being propelled by a deeper current of globalization: the triumph of the unreality industries, the move of manufacturing jobs out of the developed world, and the proliferation of technologies that saturate us with media.

      Burying the lead. At the top of the article, media overload is the culprit. Down here, globalized economics finally enters.

    5. encanaillement

      more distaste for the plebian

    6. the collapse of old bourgeois norms among the rich and powerful, even as class hierarchy remained strong (if not more entrenched than ever)

      Why is this powerful economic factor always made to see like an effect of a cultural project?

    7. The entire spectacle shows we’re living in a Baudrillardian funhouse where the firm ground of reality has slipped away.

      We? Or not the author? Just other folks?

    8. a shared plebeian culture of vulgarity

      the author doesn't like pomo very much

    9. where nostalgia (“Make America Great Again”) has replaced historical consciousness or felt experiences of the past

      nostalgia as a pomo characteristic, but also a key part of these narratives contra pomo

    10. fellow travelers, like Baudrillard and Debord

      loaded phrase; also would Debord consider himself a fellow traveller with Baudrillard?

    11. Fredric Jameson

      the US gateway drug to pomo

    12. this very moment in America, where media overload is destroying the sense of a shared public reality

      this is a key part of the argument: media overload as a causal factor

  2. Mar 2017