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  1. May 2023
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wTt8VGyBdk

      Starting yeast from scratch

      • Use a approx. 1 qt "breathable" jar
        • need breathability to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide
      • equal parts water and flour (by weight)
        • (~2 tbsp water and 3 tbsp flour)
        • alternately use unsweetened pineapple juice in stead of water (lowers ph and provides additional natural sugar for yeast)
        • (for water, used distilled or highly filtered as tap water can have chlorine and other chemicals which make it more difficult for yeast to get started)
      • stir and set aside
        • stir three times per day
      • every day add 2 tbsp water and 3 tbsp flour
      • bubbling should begin after 3-5 days

      Ongoing feeding and maintenance

      • can keep in fridge to slow down reaction and feed only once a week for small batch baking
      • if doing baking more frequently, feed it every day
      • When using, use up half of the overall quantity and then continue feeding as before
  2. Feb 2023
    1. Exporteer

      Het project dat in stap 1 geladen wordt https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=cfkaligula&ProjectName=H2L3-DataHouden bevat een fout in het blok "initialiseer lijsten", dat werkt niet omdat daarbinnen nog Engelstalige variabelen worden gebruikt die vertaald zijn naar Nederlandstalige namen.

  3. Dec 2022
    1. 经认证,在spring boot的版本号为1.5.0的时候 添加spring-boot-starter-reids就找不到jar包了,也就是这个jar包直接被废弃了。所以千万要注意的是:如果你的spring boot的版本号在1.5.0以后的,添加redis的jar包就必须是spring-boot-starter-data-redis。。。。
  4. Mar 2020
    1. his is a creative educational fair-use mashup which ironically makes use of clips from Disney films as it explains how copyright works. The discussion of fair use begins around the 6-minute 30-second mark in the video:

      The value of this resource is it's ability to take a very serious topic, copyright, and make it humorous enough to keep the watcher interested. It would also make an interesting video for discussion since most of the images should be recognizable to most students.