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  1. Feb 2022
    1. For example, immediately after experiencing the death of a loved one, crying may be most helpful to the individual, whereas immersion in work and social activities might be more adaptive several months later.




  2. Apr 2021
    1. Good practice allows children an open forum to discuss potentially sensitive issues.

      Having a GSA would provide students with a place to confide any concerns and get further accurate advice (since info from the internet may not be correct). If the school's small then they should make students aware of a local GSA that they can attend

    2. Schools will need to consider the needs of their cohort of pupils in designing this content

      If schools have trans students they must be sensitive of the fact that students menstruating may not identify as female - schools without trans students should be sensitive of this too

  3. Nov 2020
    1. In this book, we will show the result of an expression directly after it,using three chevrons

      As said, in this book, we will show the result of an expression directly after it,using three chevrons

    2. Executing an expression in Playground.

      Maybe the default theme for screenshots could be changed from dark to white, in case some student or instructor wants to print some handouts.

  4. Apr 2019
    1. Music and the media directly impact the way we view sports, and the way we prepare for our games. Sports depend on music and the media for inspiration, and something to be connected to. Not only can we use music to get us ready for a big game, or a long practice, but we can use the songs we listen to, to connect us to the atmosphere in which we like to play our sports in. The entire world of sports revolves heavily around music, especially the way in which our sports are portrayed in the media. Every season professional sports and the NCAA included will use a popular song in one of their commercials to give you something to tie that sport to when you hear that song. This method of familiarizing the game to a song helps viewers always connect the two when either watching a game, or listening to a song.

      ‚ÄčNot only can we connect our sports to songs, but we prepare for our games with music. Music can influence the way we feel as stated previously in the about section. This can be a powerful effect for pre and post game activities. For people who are unfamiliar with being in a locker room atmosphere, nothing can bring a team closer together than a song that is consistently played before or after games. Teams will usually have a few songs that have significant value to every player and become part of the teams ritual. When you have a song, or multiple songs that bring you together as a team this can significantly increase the feeling you of joy you have during wins, or loses with your teammates. Music is one of the most important ways to artistically articulate the world of sports.

  5. May 2016
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      In my file system, this example take a lot of time an throws and error. May be a more transient directory directory and other type of files, for example png could be more direct to the user.

      The proposal is on: http://ws.stfx.eu/FUJMCBVH9DS8

  6. Mar 2016
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    1. Model

      An illustration or some kind of graphic here would be nice, to help make the site more dynamic.