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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Example 24

      WTF, absolute convergence, the convergene on the norm of some sequences of elements from the vector spaces doesn't imply that the sequence itself is going to a limit in the space.

      Relevant discussion: here, Please think and read carefully about them yes.



  2. Nov 2021
  3. Feb 2021
    1. And essentially, we became what’s called a rent-seeking economy, not a productive economy. So, when people in Washington talk about American capitalism versus Chinese socialism this is confusing the issue. What kind of capitalism are we talking about?

      What kind of capitalism are we talking about?

      We are starting to see critical thinking and discussion around "hard" but necessary truths. These truths center around complicated concepts, controlled by politicians, MSM and others who would rather not have this discussion. America's general population seems lost, gorging on the dumb-down need to know culture (those that have and can dictate what the rest need to know) and group think, herd mentality.

  4. Jan 2021
  5. trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov
    1. This conflict was resolved, but at a cost of more than 600,000 lives.

      Like William Goldman excising imaginary chapters on Princess Buttercup's wardrobe*, the Civil War magically vanishes into the wastes of Boring History That Calls Into Question Such Ideas as American Exceptionalism and the Role of States.

      • after this, we all need to read The Princess Bride to recover
  6. Jan 2019
    1. . As a figuration, the posthuman is both situated and partial – itdoes not define the new human condition, but offers a spectrum throughwhich we can capture the complexity of ongoing processes of subject-formation. I

      It wasn't until I read this sentence that I felt like I finally knew what was going on in this article.

    1. healthy skepticismtoward Cartesian doubt

      lol, but for real, what Barad is suggesting really is difficult to do, or at least I'm finding it difficult to do.

      We believe words are more understandable and apprehensible than the physical world. We believe words are more understandable and apprehensible than the physical world. We believe words are more understandable and apprehensible than the physical world. . .

      It seems crazy because our society is so science and tech driven, but she's right. We believe words to be prior (ontologically) to the world around us because they are a part of "us," our own minds.

      Distorting Descartes's famous thought experiment here seems to help me understand this. While I suspect the average person could be pushed into admitting the possibility of an evil demon spinning an elaborate hoax for you, deceiving your physical senses and tricking your brain, I can't imagine finding anyone who would admit the opposite. The opposite would be that the external world exists largely as you perceive it. The demon is not manipulating your experience of the natural world at all. Instead, he is tricking you into believing you exist.

      We're so Cartesian we can't even conceive of it being otherwise. Perhaps Spinoza would help here, as well as other monist ontologies?

      Someone please redeem this annotation I don't even know what is happening anymore.

  7. Sep 2017
    1. Hundreds of thousands of people would be too injured or sick to work for weeks or months

      WTF in one paragraph the author acknowledges that the casualties are not mere statistics and in the next he callously laments people would be too sick toor injured to work fpr months?! WTF these people will probably be too traumatized if they survive and dont die much earlier than expected and cant be expected to do much of anything especially compared to their previous healthy states.

  8. Jun 2017
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