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  1. Oct 2021
    1. The problem is people follow the wrong accounts. It's noisy as f*ck

      this is a good point

  2. Sep 2021
    1. Exploring British adolescent rugby league players’ experiences of professional academies and dropout


  3. Aug 2021
    1. Making smart notes requires you to engage with the material and absorb it in a much more profound fashion.

      the word "absorb" material is kind of the core of it

    2. Does the new information contradict, correct, support, or add to what you already know? Can you combine ideas to generate something new? What questions are triggered by them?

      followed by the previous point of view, carry on deep of reading and making those inofrmation piece by piece

    3. but to develop ideas, arguments, and discussions.

      main purpose of smart note taking

    4. Specifically, this method doesn’t help you to (1) learn what you’ve read and it doesn’t help you to (2) extract the most from your reading material so you can write about it. Maximizing those two output variables requires taking notes in a specific way that I’ll teach you in this guide.

      reason to take note, for at least two reasons

    5. My process for collecting and synthesizing information used to be exactly that: make highlights, sync them to Roam, tag the articles’ pages, and the respective blocks/highlights. And when it was time to write I would think of applicable tags for drafting the outline of an article, open their linked references in the sidebar, drag relevant ones into the outline, and draft the manuscript.

      work flow of roambrain/Maarten van Doornm page, example of catch knowledge

  4. May 2021
    1. Your brain is a leaky bucket. If you're dedicated to filling it with knowledge, you should be equally dedicated to sealing the leak. Here's how.

      way better for the opening of an article

    2. Knowledge management is the process of capturing, codifying, and exploiting knowledge for long term use

      this defenition of knowledge is about verbs and processes, but the term of "long term use" with no objects, and have no idea about what, when and how to use

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