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  1. Mar 2020
    1. This resources shares the key characteristics of professional development. Not only does it delineate what should be in place to be effective but it also honors that professional learning should be considered an important component of teaching and learning. Rating 7/10

    1. This website provides a snapshot of what learning NFL players can engage in to support their growth. There are opportunities that include career development, financial education, and wellness. There are many opportunities that speak to the whole of the human existence.

    1. This research focuses on the impact of professional development that is intentional versus learning that is business as usual. The intentional design of professional learning supports efficacy.

    1. This resource examines the demographics of people who enroll in nonprofit management degrees. The information provided supports understanding nonprofit management as well as coursework involved.

    1. This article not only focuses on learning but development of leaders. The author explores the importance of leadership development in order to meet the needs of the organization and those of the stakeholders who support or might need something from the organization.

    1. The blog focuses on best practices to determine if the training Nonprofit staff receives is effective. The focus is ensuring that the training meets organizational goals and connects to the work of the employee.

    1. This case study explores the benefit of having a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for those looking to become administrators. The PLC provides the learning opportunity to build community, and in that community collaboration and reflection are encouraged.

    1. The article explores training that should be included in training police officers. The training focuses o ensuring that law enforcement officers have an understanding and how this understanding can apply to their work.

    1. This article explains the training that should be in place to support the work of telemedicine. The writing is explicit in what should be involved in the training in order to ensure that patients feel satisfied and healthcare professionals feel efficacious.

    1. This article shares more about the learning principles involved in adult learning theory. The article unpacks the different principles and includes examples of the principles in action.

    1. This article explores how virtual reality can be used in training nurses. This learning modality may support in the use of telemedicine.

    1. This article discusses the changes in learning opportunities for navy members. The biggest shift is that programs that were offered as instructed led have shifted to distance lead only, for courses taught on the ship. There are cost implications applied by this change but this is not unpacked.

    1. This article highlights the importance of continuing education while in the military. The author discusses tools and resources that military members can use to expand their learning. There is further information provided about how learning that can advance a military members career can be completed cost free.

    1. This article explores the emergency shit to online learning in light of Covid-19. The article provides information regarding what facilitators should consider as well as providing reflective questions to link about when creating an online learning environment.

    1. This guide provides many resources for building meaningful engagement for teaching in higher education The guide shares principles of engagement as well as resources for each principle shared. The information shared is applicable to various teaching contexts.

    1. This article explores the learning environments that professors create based on how they teach. The focus is on the need and want to be innovative and barriers to making innovative teaching happen.

    1. This article examines online learning in higher education. The findings speak to learning outcomes for students, various formats of learning environments, and the costs that may be associated with delivering content online.

    1. This article shares the alternatives for learning that aren't as cost prohibitive such as full degrees. This article shares how earning certificates not only impacts the university and the impact on the student earning the certificate.

    1. This publication provides 10 factors to consider when planning for effective professional development for teachers. Each factor is supported by research findings and broken into easily understandable information regarding how to integrate the information into practice.

    1. This white paper seemed extremely timely as many institutions of higher education are turning to virtual learning spaces due to a pandemic. The white paper provides considerations to think about included ways student may interact, technologies that may be helpful, security needs, and how to develop a course.

    1. A great website of 3 accessible steps to supporting K-12 professional learning. The steps include differentiation, follow up, and accountability. Though this is found in an EdTech resource it doesn't focus solely on educational technology tools so it is applicable to a low/no tech environment.