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  1. Feb 2017
    1. Ale je mi jasné, že to nejde, že bych jim to tam nakonec asi narušovala.

      Jestli bys to narušovala záleží na povaze akce. Tvá účast v mužském kruhu by, myslím, vyžadovala, aby účastníci potlačili svou tendenci považovat Tě za ženu. Mohl by to umožnit rituál (samotný mužský kruh je rituálem; třeba by to stačilo) v kombinaci s vědomým odhodláním účastníků.

  2. Nov 2016
  3. Oct 2016
    1. Very likely your Linux partitions are Ext3.

      Nowadays ext4 is used in Ubuntu.

    1. Jiří Ovčáček to obratně zdůvodnil špatným počasím při přistání v Bratislavě.

      Proč bych měl pochybovat o pravdivosti tohoto zdůvodnění?

  4. Sep 2016
    1. it’s easy to argue by induction

      It may be easy to argue by induction, but what is actually going on?

      Let's take a group of three children for a larger example: Abe, Ben and Cindy. Let's denote the situation "Abe has a clear forehead and Ben and Cindy have muddy foreheads" as [OXX], and so on.

      Before the teacher tells them anything, Abe knows that either [XXX] or [OXX] (because he sees the mud on Ben's and Cindy's foreheads). If [OXX] were the case, Ben would know that either [OXX] or [OOX]. If [OOX] were the case, Cindy would know that either [OOX] or [OOO].

      This picture demonstrates the situation.

      The teacher's announcement makes it common knowledge that [OOO] is not possible. Then if Abe supposed [OXX] and provided that Ben supposed [OOX], Cindy would be sure that [OOX] (meaning she has mud on her forehead). After the first call, she doesn't stand up so we know that if Abe supposed [OXX], in that idea Ben could no longer suppose [OOX] and would be instead sure that [OXX] (meaning he has mud on his forehead).

      This example suggests that the children don't need the general notion of common knowledge to efficiently reason whether they have muddy foreheads. It suffices to use any chain "Abe considers possible that Ben considers possible that Cindy considers possible etc.". that visits every child exactly once in an arbitrary order.

    2. the emperor is naked

      This is a reference to the short tale The Emperor's New Clothes.

    3. “would you like to come up for some intercourse?”

      Incidentally, this straightforward approach is taken by Phoebe towards Chandler in the episode 5x14 titled "The One Where Everyone Finds Out" of the TV show Friends:

      I'm really looking forward to you and me having sexual intercourse.

      As pointed out by James Miller in his video introducing the concept common knowledge, this episode contains a nice informal demonstration of the concept.

    4. such things
      • preserving the romantic fantasy
      • a face-saving way to back out later
    1. téměř pětina z 1200 oslovených rodičů obou pohlaví udala, že kdyby se měli dnes rozhodovat znovu, děti by neměli

      „Wenn ich mich heute noch einmal entscheiden könnte, würde ich keine Kinder mehr bekommen wollen.“ [19 % žen, 20 % mužů]

      Source: Regretting Parenthood

    2. téměř všichni (až na tři procenta) tvrdili, že své děti milují

      „Ich liebe mein Kind / meine Kinder.“ [96 % žen, 93 % mužů]

      Source: Regretting Parenthood

    1. Until Let’s Encrypt fixes their bullshit, the CAcert certificate stays.

      As of now (2016-09-20), xaymar.com actually does use a certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. It would be very interesting to read a follow-up article about the reasons that lead to this switch. Sadly, I haven't been able to find one.

  5. Aug 2016
    1. Visible identification marks


      If the applicant has a visible identification mark (such as birthmark or tattoo) please type in the information here. Otherwise, type “NONE”.

    2. Guides for filling in this form:

    1. Find approximate values for the first three iterates,x1,x2, andx3, using the seedx0= 10.

      $$x_0 = 10, x_1 = 27, x_2 = 59.13, x_3 = 72.499293$$

    2. f(x)

      $$f(x) = -\frac{3}{100} \, {\left(x - 50\right)}^{2} + 75$$

    3. What isf(40)?


    4. What isf(20)?


  6. Jul 2016
    1. he may move the one checker a total of eight spaces to an open point, but only if the intermediate point (either three or five spaces from the starting point) is also open

      What happens if the intermediate point is occupied by a single opponent's stone?

  7. Jun 2016
    1. fixing issues before you submit is infinitely preferable to having your solution challenged or having it fail during system testing

      Why is that? As far as I understand, when I submit an incorrect solution, I am only risking contributing a 50 point bonus to successful challengers of the solution.

    1. g++ -Wall -W -O2 -s -pipe


      -s Remove all symbol table and relocation information from the executable.

  8. May 2016
  9. Feb 2016
    1. 490,-

      Platí se nejspíš až za druhou a každou další kartu. Jedna karta je k MůjÚčet a Konto G2.2 zdarma.

  10. Jan 2016
    1. eyebrows


      Songs written with one idea in mind have been known to mutate into something completely different if I hear an 'optional vocal inflection' during rehearsal. I'll hear a 'hint' of something (often a mistake) and pursue it to its most absurd extreme.

      The 'technical expression' we use in the band to describe this process is: "PUTTING THE EYEBROWS ON IT." This usually refers to vocal parts, although you can put the eyebrows on just about anything.

    1. require 'active_record/connection_adapters/postgis_adapter/railtie'

      The following worked better in my setup:

      require 'active_record/connection_adapters/postgis/railtie'
    1. with another instance as its receiver

      An instance can call private methods of another instance of the same class.

    1. Double or Nothing

      If you get this after you achieve your daily goal, today will not count towards the Double or Nothing streak.

    1. In desperation people reach for the sledgehammer; if their kids won't listen to them, maybe they'll listen to God.
    1. addictive but unrewarding pastimes

      Playing video games, watching porn, reading blog posts etc.

    2. life actually is short

      if you have kids.

      Can you convince someone who does not have kids that life is short?

    3. things that matter

      for the future; in the long-term view. This corresponds to optimizing overall happiness using exploration rather than exploitation. There also seems to be certain intuition tied to the concept of "mattering" though that is no easy to explain as "maximizing overall happiness".

    1. People rightly tend to be mean to those they are sure are assholes, so continued interaction between them will probably only serve to reinforce their beliefs the other is acting in bad faith.

      This reminds me of the situation of a parrot in front of a mirror. Will he fall in love with the other, or will he start hating him, ignoring the fact that he is only seeing his reflection? Once he starts acting on one of the affections, positive feedback kicks in.

    2. I want to get less wrong

      Compare with the phenomenon of (not) interrupting the university lecturer when one does not understand the lecture.

    1. Nejlepším z mnoha různých argumentů je pro něj prostá úvaha, že je nepravděpodobné, aby tak složitá struktura jako svět vznikla prostě náhodou.

      Složitá je ta část vesmíru, ve které žijeme. Je pochopitelné, že žijeme ve složité části vesmíru, protože jsme sami složitými strukturami. Zdá se ovšem, že ostatní části vesmíru jsou přinejmenším v průměru mnohem jednodušší. Vesmír je veliký a vzhledem k jeho velikosti a jeho (jednoduchým) zákonům se mi zdá naopak spíše nepravděpodobné, aby tak složitá struktura jako člověk prostou náhodou nevznikla.

      Je ale zajímavé, že existuje vesmír, jehož přírodní zákony (ač jednoduché) umožňují existenci tak složitých struktur, jako jsou lidé. Zajímavá je tedy nikoliv složitost struktury (našeho) světa, ale existence přírodních zákonů, které umožňují (s velkou pravděpodobností) existenci takto složité struktury.

    2. Tyto věci jsou podle něj až příliš ovlivněny osobní zbožností

      Teistický solipsismus? :)

    1. This criterion is not based on any specific shape of the dose-response relationship.

      I would expect that the relationship must be monotonic to support the causal hypothesis.

    2. “counterfactual” state

      An interesting introduction: Counterfactual Theories of Causation

    3. randomization to cessation is possible because a benefit is anticipated

      Has such study been performed?

    4. another group
    5. In a laboratory, scientists are able to predict, fairly confidently, the outcome in this counterfactual state by repeating an experimental pro-cedure with every important factor tightly controlled, varying only the factor of interest.
    1. Where c and e are actual occurrent events, this truth condition can be simplified somewhat.

      The condition can be simplified in the complementary case as well:

      Where c and e are two distinct non-actual events, e causally depends on c if and only if, if c were to occur e would occur.

  11. Dec 2015
    1. 7:18

      Dr. Sanjay Gupta: "Do the people here ever feel, I mean, do you ever get the impression they feel like they're being fooled, or duped, in any way?"

      Yvonne van Amerongen: "Why should they feel they are being fooled? We have a society here. Our supermarket is not a show. It's a real supermarket. [...]"

  12. Nov 2015
    1. Veselovský: "[...] se snažíte ten strach vzbuzovat, nebo to tak není?" Martin Konvička: "Proboha, já se ho snažím tlumit. [...]"

    2. Martin Konvička: "[...] potřebujeme omezit veřejné šíření a propagaci islámu, nebo islamismu, řekněme, ale ono to je jedno."

    1. a certain distance
    2. the special idea

      special [theory of] relativity

    3. the big idea

      general [theory of] relativity

    4. If the space doctor’s ideas were wrong, your phone wouldn’t be able to tell where it was.

      If all of the space boats travel at the same velocity and the same distance from the Earth's surface, the time shift of the on-board clock due to relativity would be the same. The difference between the clocks would be almost the same. How would the trouble appear?

    5. his name


    1. Frequency

      Frequency of the note A_x: $$f(A_x) = 440 \cdot 2^{x - 4}$$

      Inverse (octave x of the note A_x from frequency f): $$x = \log_2{\frac{f}{440}} + 4 = \log_2{f} + 4 - \log_2{440}$$

  13. Oct 2015
  14. stoned-to-death.bandcamp.com stoned-to-death.bandcamp.com
    1. poslední strom na kterej močíš
      ochutnej tu černou zem
      suchý listy lopaty na tmu
      malý děti, vlastní věk
      poslední strom na kterej zvracíš
      bejvalej vnitřní klid
      nemůžeš neprohrát nemůžeš nevyhnít
      tak kurva něco zkusit
      lehký slova v dlouhejch dnech
      nebo žádný, radši nečumět
      servaný nehty na zdech
      a čela na stolech hledaj kam dál
    1. údaj o zápisu do jiné evidence, v níž jsou zapsáni

      Jak by měl tento údaj vypadat?


      Firma je zapsána na ŽÚ města Opavy, pod evidenčním číslem 380601-27386/00, datum vzniku živn. oprávnění 17.9.2003


      Podnikatel je zapsán v živnostenském rejstříku.

    1. Some asexuals have sex because they enjoy the physical and emotional connections sex can provide. And some asexuals simply enjoy the pleasurable sensation of sex with another person.

      These strike me as very good reasons to have sex also for people who do experience sexual attraction.

    1. I have the feeling we do not need to use models as complicated as some outlined in the text; we can (and finally will have to) abstract from most of the issues we can imagine. I expect that "magic" (an undisclosed heuristic, perhaps in combination with machine learning) will deal with the issues, a black box that will be considered inherently flawed and practical enough at the same time. The results from experimental ethics can help form the heuristic while the necessity for easy implementation and maintainability will limit the applications significantly.

    1. Doktor Ian Pearson ve spolupráci s britským prodejcem sexuálních pomůcek Bondara předpovídá, že do roku 2050 bude mít většina lidí sex častěji s robotem než s člověkem.

      Dá se snad ve spolupráci s prodejcem sexuálních pomůcek předpovídat méně optimisticky?

    2. za 15 let již většina lidí bude provozovat určitou formu virtuálního sexu

      Neprovozuje určitou formu virtuálního sexu většina lidí už dnes? Počítá se masturbace, resp. masturbace s pomůckami?

    1. Could it have been done in a way that respected the values that spurred Couchsurfing’s initial organic growth. Definitely.

      At the same time simply not very likely, in my opinion.

    2. flake on me

      Urban Dictionary:

      To be let down by someone after an arrangement was made. Drop of plans or change of plans at the last minute.

    3. brand new profile

      How about a "brand new fresh profile"?

  15. Sep 2015
    1. MyInterfaceImpl

      I believe that a better name would be StandardOutputMyInterface. The name of the implementation should describe the character of the implementation, which in this case is output to the standard output stream. I consider simply appending Impl to the interface name a (common) bad habit.

    1. A pokud bychom legalizovali jen marihuanu, proč nelegalizovat extázi? A pokud legalizujeme extázi, proč nelegalizovat pervitin, a proč ne kokain a heroin?
    2. dumping

      prodej za cenu nižší než v zemi výroby nebo pod výrobními náklady

      Dumpingem se nejčastěji rozumí prodej vyváženého zboží za hranicemi levněji, než v zemi výroby. Jindy se rozumí dumpingem prodej zboží za hranicemi se ztrátou (pod výrobními náklady).

      Zdroj: Wikipedie: Dumping

    1. Beyond such a point, however, lie even more significant and subtle realms of creativity, intelligence and understanding that can be approached only by persisting in the process of inquiry and risking re-entry into areas of potentially chaotic or frustrating uncertainty.

      I can't wait!

    2. A group of people invited to give their time and serious attention to a task that has no apparent goal and is not being led in any detectable direction may quickly find itself experiencing a great deal of anxiety or annoyance.

      cf. modern Socratic dialogue