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  1. Jul 2021
    1. In case of conflict, consider users over authors over implementors over specifiers over theoretical purity. In other words costs or difficulties to the user should be given more weight than costs to authors; which in turn should be given more weight than costs to implementors; which should be given more weight than costs to authors of the spec itself, which should be given more weight than those proposing changes for theoretical reasons alone. Of course, it is preferred to make things better for multiple constituencies at once.

      Priority of Consituencies

    1. In other non-dereferenceable contexts, such as XML Schema, the namespace identifier is still a URI, but this is simply an identifier (i.e. a namespace name). There is no intention that this can or should be dereferenced. There is even a separate attribute, , which may contain a dereferenceable URI that does point to a copy of the schema document.

      In XML, there is no intent for a namespace to be dereferenceable.

  2. Jun 2021
    1. In this case, the objective of the consuming application is to find accurate, machine-readable descriptive information that might be used to build an index, and thus the application should use the IIIF Presentation API seeAlso property to retrieve such a description if available.

      Again, accurate, machine-readable descriptive information should be found in the presentation manifest's seeAlso property.

    2. 3.5.2. Page Algorithm

      This includes instructions on how to a client should process an ActivityStreams CollectionPage.

    3. Activities may be published about content that has access restrictions. Clients must not assume that they will be able to access every resource that is the object of an Activity, and must not assume that it has been deleted if it is inaccessible.

      The client cannot assume that all content is free of access restrictions. Furthermore, it cannot be assumed that a resource has been deleted if it is inaccessible.

    4. The Activities are collected together into pages that together make up the entire set of changes that the publishing system is aware of.

      Activities are collected together into pages like shown in the example below.

    5. Whenever an “Add” Activity is encountered, it is semantically similar to a “Create” Activity in that it is the first time that resource is mentioned in the stream. It is, therefore, expected that if there is an “Add”, then there may not be a “Create” for the same resource occurring before it. Similarly, there will be no more references to the resource after a “Remove” or “Delete”.

      In an aggregation service, a resource cannot have a Create before an Add. If a resource is marked as Removed or Deleted, it can't have any other references to it.

    6. "type": "Update",

      All level 0 have a type of "Update." Level 0 assumes that the list is reindexed to remove references to deleted resources.

    7. This specification does not include a subscription mechanism for enabling change notifications to be pushed to remote systems.

      I assume a previous specification supported a subscription mechanism that could notify a remote system when something had been published, updated, or deleted.

    8. Work that is out of scope of this API includes the recommendation or creation of any descriptive metadata formats, and the recommendation or creation of metadata search APIs or protocols. The diverse domains represented within the IIIF community already have successful standards fulfilling these use cases. Also out of scope is optimization of the transmission of content, for example recommendations about transferring any source media or data between systems

      Things out of scope: recommendation of descriptive metadata formats or the transmission of content. For instance, what would transmission of av look like.

  3. Apr 2021
    1. Resources associated with a Canvas by an Annotation that has the motivation value painting must be presented to the user as the representation of the Canvas.

      If a motivation has the value of painting, it MUST be present on the canvas. You cannot have this be optional. Therefore, if a transcript is painted on the canvas, the client should always render the transcription and should not allow the user to disable it.

  4. Mar 2021
    1. At the onset of the pandemic, our analysis shows that interactions with our close networks at work increased, while interactions with our distant networks diminished.

      Our circles and networks are shrinking.

    1. t=10,20 # => results in the time interval [10,20) t=,20 # => results in the time interval [0,20) t=10 # => results in the time interval [10,end)

      Note: empty before or after comma results in 0 or end accordingly.