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  1. Oct 2020
    1. his cousin and Lord Bolingbroke, for The Craftsman journal, to which Pulteney was also an occasional contributor.

      "William Platoe" could be him or "his cousin"

  2. Mar 2019
    1. improve.

      Here I think the poem is really asking us to examine the ideology of "improvement": why are we so hell bent on getting better? Isn't "good" good enough?

    1. el: I

      I don't think "I" is what this metaphor is about.

    2. I don't think this is a metaphor for the "I" of the poem -- what makes you think that?

    1. Now I stand alone, Looking at the earth through the rain,

      Even though this woman doesn't know it, she is clearly completely devastated by her loss.

  3. Jul 2018
    1. Others more mild

      Milton is godlike in the sublime pathetic. In Demons, fallen Angels, and Monsters the delicacies of passion living in and from their immortality, is of the most softening and dissolving nature. It is carried to the utmost here.

    2. To be invulnerable in those bright arms,

      This same Sin, a female, and with a feminine instinct for the showy & martial is in pain lest death should sully Satan's bright arms.

    3. Their song was partial

      nothing can express the sensation one feels at 'Their song was partial &[c]. Examples of this nature are divine to the utmost in other poets—in Caliban 'Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments' &c[.] In Theocritus'———Polyphemus—and Homers Hym to Pan where Mercury is represented as taking his 'homely fac'd' to heaven. There are numerous other instances in Milton— 'Tears such as Angels weep'.

    4. Dear Daughter

      Satan's progeny [not highlighted by Keats, but stated in margin pp. 44-5]

    5. Pensive here I sat Alone;

      divine to the utmost

    6. 44
    7. [Note in Keats's Hand Text circles around the outside margins (top, bottom, left, right) of the two pages, 44 and 45]

  4. Oct 2017
    1. without being conscious of it, have stored up in idea the greater part of those strong marked varieties of human character,

      Unconscious knowledge of human character described by Joanna Baillie, Introductory Discourse

  5. Aug 2017
  6. idhmcmain.tamu.edu idhmcmain.tamu.edu
    1. much spoken of while it was handed about with a certain air of secrecy

      Barbauld points to a work by Horace Walpole that was popular when circulated as a manuscript but "neglected" after it was published. It isn't pornographic, but it is about maternal incest.

  7. Feb 2017
    1. It would be a good subject for the painter

      sentimental, narrative painting

    2. take strong aim at the heart of the reader.

      sentimentalism defined

    3. sentimentalilsm figured as "tak[ing] strong aim at the heart of the reader" (i)

  8. May 2016
    1. not, an answer.

      Yes, annotations should open up discussion, not close it down.