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    1. Once in possession of the names of the persons who had been present at the dinner, I resolved–as a means of enriching the deficient resources of my own memory–to appeal to the memory of the rest of the guests; to write down all that they could recollect of the social events of the birthday; and to test the result, thus obtained, by the light of what had happened afterwards, when the company had left the house.

      The French side of Mr. Blake, as he characterizes his own logical arguments, takes the dominant place in his mind. Maybe there is a quantitative indicator for him switching among his German, French, and English side.

  3. Sep 2020
    1. Shivering Sand

      Not quite sure if this place exists in real life, but I think Collins using this name for the specific scene with Betteredge, Spearman, and Blake was brilliant. The site itself foreshadows a sense of frightening thoughts and shocking news--the kind of conversation Betteredge would have with the two characters.

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    1. which seems to grow keener and keener, as the time comes nearer and nearer when I shall endure and feel no more? How useless to ask these questions! Mr. Blake has given me a new interest in life. Let that be enough, without seeking to know what the new interest is.

      Ezra Jennings expressed his yearning for human sympathy and his admiration for Mr.Franklin here. It appeared to me that nearly every character of the novel had some reason to adore Mr.Franklin. The peculiarity of Jennings is that he had long been plagued by distrust and dwelt in solitude. This and the impending death painted his affection towards Franklin rather melancholy, since this affection was intertwined with his crave for youth, riches, health, etc., all of which he had never, and probably would never have, an opportunity, to possess.

    2. If the excellent Betteredge had been present while I was considering that question, and if he had been let into the secret of my thoughts, he would, no doubt, have declared that the German side of me was, on this occasion, my uppermost side.

      Franklin's resolution to solve the mystery about the Moonstone was taken to a higher level. Previously, he was only piqued by the mystery solely because it can help him restore his relationship with Miss Rachel, but here, as he confessed, the obstinate German side of him, despite him claiming that it was merely the conjecture of Mr.Betteredge, took over. What is fascinating is that in this part of Franklin's narrative, he seemed to profess his determination quite a lot. Perhaps we could run a similar word detection and plot the dispersion of it, to discover how frequently he used words related to determination.