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  1. Aug 2020
    1. Computational thinking is using heuristic reason-ing to discover a solution. It is planning, learning,and scheduling in the presence of uncertainty.

      We could use more of this in times of crisis.

  2. May 2020
  3. Oct 2017
  4. www.townofsananselmo.org www.townofsananselmo.org
    1. —Writing Lab

      Good resource for students seeking jobs or needing a refresher on basic writing skills.

  5. Jul 2017
    1. rtually no claim to the privileges accorded in a white patriarchal society and/or Church.

      Why is this case?

    2. On their journey to recovery, victims need a new sense of family and belonging to replace the broken one from which they came.

      Looking for community, reconstructing a spiritual as well as personal/mental/emotional identity

    3. criticize mujerista theology for placing so much emphasis on the lived experiences of Latinas

      Narrative approaches and storytelling - why do we deny that they have power?

    4. a constructed, contextualized liberation theology by Latinas

      Do they mean constructivist as in constantly evolving? The theory of education may apply here / learning styles.

    5. mujerista (Spanish for “womanist”)

      Translation of the term mujerista

    1. Social support is mobilized when there is contention between individuals and groups and is proffered only at the risk of taking sides.

      Peer pressure and bullying are the negative aspects of social groups.

    2. . A computer simulation reveals that the entire amount of actual performance inequality in national public-oriented NFL football can be explained by this perverse effect of supportive publics. Perverse effects, it is argued, are essential to the functioning of interaction systems

      So football fans are making some players on the team play worse?

    1. mestizaje-mulatez? Isasi-Díaz politely describes the original meaning of the terms as ‘the mingling of Amerindian and African blood with European blood’

      Definition of mestizaje-mulatez

    2. he social change strategies of liberationist, feminist, and Hispanic theologies

      Neat to see this intersection and building upon other theologies