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    1. TEACHERS tracklist: Paul Johnson v. Jammin Gerald - CK's 'Partyin' with Paul' edit DJ Deeon 'Freak Mode II' intro DJ Deeon 'House-o-Matic' DJ Milton v. Thomas Bangalter 'Bang-o-Matics' CK edit Robert Armani v. Thomas Bangalter 'CK's Rollin' Up edit' Thomas Bangalter 'Spinal Beats' Cajmere / Dajae 'Brighter Days (Underground Goodies mix)' Paul Johnson 'Y'All Stole Them Dances' Gemini 'Le Fusion / Don't Stop' Paul Johnson / Robert Armani / Louis Bell/ Rick Garcia 'Mix It (CK's Baddest DJ edit)' DJ Deeon 'Freaks / Do-U-C' DJ Deeon 'In The House!' Robert Armani 'Ambulance' Gant-Man 'Gon' Bang Da Box' Thomas Bangalter v. George Kranz 'CK's Spinal Skranz edit' DJ Funk 'Work It!' Parris Mitchell Project feat. Waxmaster 'Ghetto Shout Out!' Daft Punk v. Waxmaster Teach that Body (CK's Chi-town edit)' DJ Slugo 'DJs on the Low'
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      1. </span>00:00<span> Jess and Crabbe – Hell and Back
      2. </span>05:00<span> Le Knight Club – Santa Claus (Paul Johnson Remix)
      3. </span>07:42<span> For the Floorz – Body Angels
      4. </span>11:43<span> Aloud – Sex and Sun III
      5. </span>14:26<span> Sedat – Feel Inside
      6. </span>19:51<span> We in Music – Grandlife (Time Code Mix By Play Paul)
      7. </span>25:19<span> Alex Gopher – Party People
      8. </span>27:47<span> Kid Creme – The Game (Kid’s Piano Mix)
      9. </span>32:27<span> Royksopp – Remind Me (Ernest Saint Laurent’s Moonfish Mix)
      10. </span>34:54<span> Trankilou – Champagne
      11. </span>39:44<span> Raw Man – Europa
      12. </span>42:41<span> Le Knight Club – Cherie D’Amour
      13. </span>47:07<span> Cheek – Venus
      14. </span>50:04<span> Sedat – The Turkish Avenger
      15. </span>53:42<span> The Eternals – Wrath of Zeus (Acapella)
      16. </span>54:20<span> Daddy’s Favourite – Good Times
      17. </span>57:32<span> Alan Braxe and Fred Falke – Intro
      18. </span>01:00:57<span> Crydajam – Loaded
      19. </span>01:05:24<span> Lifelike – Black Chess
      20. </span>01:08:28<span> Archigram – Carnaval
      21. </span>01:12:34<span> Bel Amour – Promise Me (Extended)
      22. </span>01:17:06<span> Billy Lo – Everytime
      23. </span>01:19:49<span> Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better (Buffalo Bunch Remix)
      24. </span>01:24:15<span> Le Knight Club – Gator
      25. </span>01:28:06<span> Fantom – Faithful (Etienne de Crecy Remix)
      26. </span>01:30:04<span> Fantom – Faithful (Original)
      27. </span>01:33:32<span> Fantom – Faithful (Prassay Remix)
      28. </span>01:36:44<span> The Buffalo Bunch – Music Box
      29. </span>01:40:00<span> Thomas Bangalter – Ventura
      30. </span>01:43:16<span> Crydajam – Playground
      31. </span>01:46:16<span> Archigram – In Flight
      32. </span>01:51:05<span> Le Knight Club – Mosquito
      33. </span>01:53:48<span> Deelat – Wetness Anthem
      34. </span>01:56:26<span> We in Music – Now That Love Has Gone (Ice Creamer Remix By Aloud)
      35. </span>01:59:48<span> Modjo – No more tears (Alex Gopher Remix)
      36. </span>02:03:07<span> Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Bibi & Dimitri Anthem From Paris)
      37. </span>02:08:11<span> Cheek – Venus (I:Cube Remix)
      38. </span>02:12:15<span> Cassius – La Mouche (Played Live By DJ Falcon)
      39. </span>02:16:18<span> Modjo – Music Takes You Back
      40. </span>02:19:17<span> Daft Punk – Musique
      41. </span>02:22:23<span> Play Paul – Holy Ghostz
      42. </span>02:25:56<span> Vinyl Fever – 1h45 A.M on the Floor
      43. </span>02:29:30<span> Modjo – On Fire (Archigram’s When What Remix)
      44. </span>02:33:48<span> Aloud – Bob O’lean
      45. </span>02:36:38<span> Archigram – Mad Joe
      46. </span>02:41:04<span> Raw Man – Lovers
      47. </span>02:44:15<span> Daft Punk – One More Time
      48. </span>02:49:04<span> DJ Falcon – Honeymoon
      49. </span>02:52:46<span> Rhythm Masters – Good Times
      50. </span>02:56:38<span> Cassius – Nulife
      51. </span>02:58:35<span> Jess & Crabbe – Crack Head (Seduction Mix by Deelat)
      52. </span>03:03:02<span> Modjo – On Fire
      53. </span>03:05:45<span> Together – Together
      54. </span>03:11:19<span> Daft Punk – Voyager (Dominique Torti Wild Style Remix)
      55. </span>03:15:25<span> Patrick Alavi – How Much That Means To Me</span>
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    1. Jamiroquai (The Remix Project)

      • 0:00:00 Too Young To Die (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:06:53 Alright (Joshua Pathon Downtempo Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:11:40 Deeper Underground (DJ Glen Remake) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:18:08 Space Cowboy (D.Morales RMX / Francesco Cofano 2014 Re-Touch) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:23:00 Cosmic Girl (Johnny Roostar Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:28:38 You Give Me Something (Jon Parry Remix) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:33:58 Light Years (Micky Da Funk Bootleg Remix) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:40:01 Love Foolosophy (FM Groovin' Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:44:45 Don't Give Hate A Chance (Mikeandtess Re-Edit) by Jamiroquai
      • 0:52:15 Bad Girls (Live at The Britts 2002) [No Legal House Mix] by Jamiroquai
      • 0:57:15 White Knuckle Ride (Penguin Remix) by Jamiroquai
      • 1:02:06 Supersonic (Manuel Figara Edit) by Jamiroquai
      • 1:08:20 Electric Mistress (Todd-If-Field-Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 1:14:44 Lifeline (Shook Mix) by Jamiroquai
    1. Jamiroquai (The 2nd Remix Project):

      • 00:00 Stillness In Time (Timmy Regisford and Adam Rios Voc) by Jamiroquai
      • 06:28 Summer Girl (Walterino Remode) by Jamiroquai 12:44 Shake It On (Lavvy Levan Edit) by Jamiroquai
      • 18:10 Cloud 9 (Purple Disco Machine Remix) by Jamiroquai
      • 23:45 Too Young To Die (Rhemi Remix) by Jamiroquai
      • 29:12 Little L (Blaze Shelter Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 35:20 Seven Days In Sunny June (Renato Bethlehem Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 40:13 Corner of The Earth (T.R.A.R Vocal Mix) by Jamiroquai
      • 46:41 Runaway (Grant Nelson Remix) by Jamiroquai
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    1. Dr. Jeremy Dean, VP of Education at Hypothesis says, “I’m especially excited about this project because it brings my work in social annotation back to its origins. I first discovered this technology while teaching composition at UT Austin. I’ve long engaged my students in social annotation, knowing from my own experience that it builds their critical reading and writing skills. With this study, we’ll be able to explore if what I’ve seen happen in my classes plays out at scale: Do students who annotate become better readers, and therefore, better thinkers and writers?”

      I might suggest that this is moving in the right direction, but I would posit that annotation is only the beginning of the process of working with/conversing with texts.

      What happens after the annotation? Can students revisit them easily? Search for them? Can they move their annotations around? Connect them in new and interesting ways?

      These practices may require more flexibility with their Hypothes.is data to reuse and remix it.

    1. Remix occurs when the original meme is altered in some way, while mimicry occurs when the meme is recreated in a different fashion to the original.

      I don't even understand the difference (yet)

    1. When your digital news feed doesn’t contain links, when it cannot be linked to, when it can’t be indexed, when you can’t copy a paragraph and paste it into another application: when this happens your news feed is not flawed or backwards looking or frustrating. It is broken.

      If your news feed doesn't contain links, can't be linked to, indexed, or copied and pasted, it is broken.

      How can this be tied into the five R's of Open Education Resources: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix and/or Redistribute content (and perhaps my Revise/Request update ideas: https://boffosocko.com/2018/08/30/the-sixth-r-of-open-educational-resources-oer/)

    2. Since the heyday of the commonplace book, there have been a few isolated attempts to turn these textual remixes into a finished product, into a standalone work of collage. The most famous is probably Jefferson’s bible, his controversial “remix” of the New Testament. There’s also Walter Benjamin’s unfinished, and ultimately unpublishable Passagenwerk, or “Arcades Project,” his rumination on the early shopping malls of Paris built out of photos, quotes, and aphoristic musings. Just this year, David Shields published a book, Reality Hunger, built out of quotes from a wide variety of sources. And of course, there are parallel works in music, painting, and architecture that are constructed out of “quotes” lifted from original sources and remixed in imaginative ways.

      Interesting examples of remixed work.

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    1. More information on the CC license compatibility chart https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Wiki/cc_license_compatibility

      The compatibility chart is an excellent resource for visually identifying the scope of resuse. Most importantly, this chart shows the product of remixing licenses. This is another resource that will be employed for future reference.

  15. Mar 2020
    1. HP: Have you gotten backlash from art history purists? HW: Not that I’m aware of; they’re probably working on other things! Of course, there are occasional Internet comments that are unflattering. Someone might, for example, think something about the piece should have been done differently, or, less kindly, accuse me of copying something from somewhere. But to head any purist’s critique off at the pass, I’d refer them to the brilliant video series, “Everything Is A Remix.”

      everything is a remix reference

    2. Have you ever looked at a classical work of art and thought you just couldn’t relate to the subject matter? Enter Hillary White, an imaginative illustrator who isn’t afraid to merge Raphael — the Renaissance painter — with Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. We’ve fallen hard for White’s hilarious series of “Pop Reinterpretations“ introducing works by Da Vinci, Goya and Bosch to the likes of Spiderman, R2D2 and Lady Gaga.

      Art example of remix

  16. Aug 2019
    1. But if you think about the ways kids under 15 using digital technology think about writing – you know, writing with text is just one way to write, and not even the most interesting way to write. The more interesting ways are increasingly to use images and sound and video to express ideas (in Koman 2005: n.p.)

      It is fascinating to the mind and this is why I can get caught up "playing around" with technology for hours but it's not satisfying to the soul. The endless possibilities of seeing, watching, reading, and remixing are captivating, and it makes me feel like I'm doing something, but at the end, did I really create anything? It's possible, but I have to remind myself of what I'm really doing online.

  17. Jan 2019
    1. All of the activities that we associate with knowledge creation and other forms of scholarship are remix activities. They involve standing on the shoulders of giants, whether remixing existing knowledge in novel ways or combining previous understanding with genuinely new insight. Everything is a remix on one level or another.

      All knowledge production is a remix.

  18. Jul 2018
    1. hese include remixing clips from movies to create “faux” trailers for hypothetical movies; setting remixed movie trailers to remixed music of choice that is synchronized to the visual action; recording a series of anime cartoons and then video-editing them in synchrony with a popular music track; mixing “found” images with original images in order to express a theme or idea (with or without text added); and mixing images, animations and texts to create cartoons or satirical posters (including political cartoons and animations), to name just a few type

      Good ideas for the classroom on ways of remixing

    2. Good point- everything we know is essentially a remix...this essentially helps create cultures..

    1. We’ve made an annual thing out of doing it every year over the Super Bowl. We have an event called Break the Super Bowl, where kids are looking at Super Bowl ads and then remixing them. Then we throw them back up online, if they’re fair use, in real time. We get a bunch of kids together for the Super Bowl and it looks like a regular Super party. We’ve got pizza, and Doritos, and wings, and soda, and all the junk food. But then they’re all working in teams on laptops, and they’re remixing the actual ads from the Super Bowl that go up that night. We have the game playing on a larger screen so that it has a fun party atmosphere, but they’re actually doing something.

      This feels like a great example for anecdote / color / something creative in the final report

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    1. representations are only imitations of reality, but these imitations are frozen frames of moving life, and therefore useless and fake

      jusqu'à ce qu'un autre s'en empare et s'en inspire pour produire autre chose..

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    1. revise, remix

      While one component of this revise and remix piece is editing and linking actual texts, another might be in annotating texts.

      Annotation is a form of revision that preserves both original content and the new vision. And annotation similarly might be seen as a kind of remixing by adding layers of further information and knowledge on top of existing content.