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  1. Jun 2018
    1. Digital Writing

      Is the phrase "digital writing" as fraught as "digital native"? Or has it morphed into just plain writing? I still find myself bridging the gap analog -digital gap. For example, a summer goal is to make annotation of pdf's as close to paper as I can. I invested in a reMarkable tablet to make this happen. Do I consider it "digital writing"--yes and no. It is the merging of digital and analog. I do it so as to have less friction and quicker feedback with students. None of this matters if students can't take in the feedback or if my feedback sucks, but that is another pedagogic and compositional concern.

  2. Mar 2016
    1. you don't have to teach the students how to use tech for their education. And, furthermore, it will never be possible to teach that faculty how to use that technology,

      While form experience I know they are both erroneous assumptions I can't remember who started it and whether it was based on any research.

      anyone has references?

      Note to self : Check for background.

    2. digital native

      an expression that never matched my experiences and still doesn't and therefore has always baffled and annoyed me, but I thought may be it was a cultural thing

  3. Feb 2016