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  1. May 2023
  2. Feb 2022
    1. The reason the blockchain matters is that it is an agent of change. Just like the transistor and yes, the printing press, when an agent of change shows up, it often leads to shifts that we probably didn’t expect. Understanding it now is more productive than simply being forced to deal with it later.

      Understanding it now and fighting all its supporters is for sure more productive than simply being forced to deal with it later.

    2. Now imagine a blockchain/token project in which contributors earned tokens as they built it and supported it. Over time, the decentralized project would go up in value. As the ecosystem and the market delivered more and more utility to more and more people, the users would need to buy tokens to use it. And the holders of tokens would receive either a dividend or have the ability to sell their tokens if they chose. Early speculators would attract more attention, and people with more skill than capital could invest by contributing early and often. As the project reached a steady state, the stakeholders would shift, from innovators and speculators to people who treat their daily contributions as a job without a boss. Innovators could build on top of this network without permission, creating more and more variations and choice using the same underlying database.

      This is a nightmare, and it would possibly be capitalism's final victory.

    1. Innerhalb eines Jahres wurde ein neuer Begriff geprägt: Web 3.0, der die Entwicklung des Webs über die 1.0-Ära der HTML-Webseiten und den frühen E-Commerce hinaus in die grelle 2.0-Periode markiert, in der soziale Medien und „benutzergenerierte Inhalte“ geboren wurden. .

      Web 3.0

  3. Dec 2021
  4. Jul 2018
    1. When it comes to democracy and human rights, a Jeffersonian internet is clearly a safer choice. With Web 3.0 still in its infancy, the West at least will need to find other ways to rein in the online giants. The obvious alternative is regulation.
  5. Jun 2016