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  1. May 2021
    1. The great library of Alexandria, which began around 300 B.C.E., created a cataloguing system called Pinakes to manage the estimated 500,000 books in the collection of the Ptolemaic pharaohs. The Pinakes were sophisticated bibliographical lists containing title, incipit (the first few lines of each text), the number of lines for each work, and a subject and author index.


  2. Jan 2021
  3. Nov 2020
    1. The truce is over. The failure of the party to operate an online strategy ā€œin a real way that exhibits competenceā€, Ocasio-Cortez told the Times, made it hypocritical for the party to advance criticism of progressive messaging.

      Sie sagt auch, dass Obama seinen ganzen Kampagnen-Apparat neben der demokratischen Partei aufgebaut hat. Die Argumentation ist: Biden hat vor allem durch Mobilisierung unten, besonders bei schwarzen WƤhlern gewonnen. Die Basis muss aber spĆ¼ren, dass sich fĆ¼r sie etwas verƤndert, damit die Mobilisierung gelingt.

  4. Sep 2020