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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Jede SEO Strategie (auch für B2B Shops) konzentriert sich auf die Bedürfnisse und Gewohnheiten der Zielgruppe.
  2. Dec 2021
  3. Sep 2021
    1. A B2B homepage should: Focus on demonstrating a demo in the center Run carousels that represent products with core features A “Why Choose Us” section to trigger the target audience’s decision

      B2B homepage

      The main focus is on solving business problems. Thus should instead look and be informative.

    2. B2B eCommerce websites need to focus on: Buying guides Product videos, explainer videos Articles and blog posts 24/7 customer support Case Studies

      B2B content ideas

    1. aware of your competitors and establish ways to differentiate your company from them,

      figure competitors

    2. LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

      B2B VS B2C

      platform specific strategy needed

    1. brand’s story.

      content strategy objective

    2. Learn about their buying behaviors and notice how much time it takes for the person to turn into a customer. Notice the open rates and click rates of emails to learn what kind of products they are interested in and customize future emails accordingly.

      email marketing tips

    3. There’s a lot you can post on social media – experiment with BTS videos, memes, tips and tricks, clothing inspo, etc.

      SM tips

  4. Apr 2021
    1. Experts in Business to Business Market Research

      B2B research agency, FOTP Research is known for Business to Business bespoke market research with expertise in gathering feedback from key stakeholder groups, and in particular Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

  5. May 2020