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  1. Feb 2017
    1. Herc, loo, is Campbell's now•famous fonnulation of the principle of correct usage: Use, he explains, "is the sole mistress of language," and proper usage is "reputable, national, and present."~ By reputable, he means the generally accepted usage of ed-ucated people and particularly of well-regarded writers.

      I was totally onboard until that last bit about "educated people" and "well-regarded writers." Why'd you gotta go and be so classist, Campbell? (This is mostly in jest--just drawing attention to the underlying classist assumptions that dominated the field in the historical moment.)

  2. Oct 2015
    1. Calderón, who is a proud Afro-Puerto Rican independentista —his son’s name is Malcolm X and his daughter’s name is Ebony Nairobi— is in fact an interesting paradigm for further discussing the issue of gaining independence or progress in Puerto Rico. The fact of the matter is that most independentistas are white Hispanophiles who have socio-economic mobility and are invested in respectability politics. On the contrary, Calderón not only criticizes the United States and their mendacious treatment toward Puerto Rico, but also criticizes Puerto Rico’s racism, classism, corruption and, more important, advocates for people with few resources. He does not romanticize the country by blaming Puerto Rico’s current crisis on Puerto Rico’s colonial status but instead takes a firm and critical approach to a range of issues that affect the country altogether.

      Article focusing on the work of Tego Calderon and other Afro-Caribbean activists in Puerto Rico.

  3. Jul 2015
    1. Drake seeks a tenant demographic more appropriate to the refined nature of the Healdsburg community, tenants who value good design and beautiful surroundings.

      Because you have to be rich to appreciate beauty. /s