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    1. Scritti Politti – British post-punk band, named in honour of Gramsci. The name is a rough Italian translation of political scripts/writings.


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    1. “… there are about 25 billion car trips per year, and with some 27 million cars, this suggests an average of just under 18 trips per car every week. Since the duration of the average car trip is about 20 minutes, the typical car is only on the move for 6 hours in the week: for the remaining 162 hours it is stationary – parked.”

      This may be napkin maths but this is pretty shocking to think about. There must be a better way!

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    1. [Verse]Paul JohnsonDJ FunkDJ SneakDJ RushWax MasterHyperactiveJammin GeraldBrian WilsonGeorge ClintonLil LouisAshley BeedleNeil LandstrummKenny DopeDJ HellLouie VegaK-AlexiDr. Dre is in the house, yeahArmando in the houseGemini is in the houseJeff Mills is in the houseDJ DeeonDJ MiltonDJ SlugoDJs on the lowGreen VelvetJoey BeltramDJ ESPRoy DavisBoo WilliamsDJ TonkaDJ SkullDJ PierreMike Dearborn in the house, yeahTodd Edwards in the houseRomanthony in the houseCVO in the houseLuke SlaterDerrick CarterRobert HoodParris MitchellDave Clarke is in the houseVan Helden in the houseArmani in the houseSurgeon is in the house, yeah
    1. TEACHERS tracklist: Paul Johnson v. Jammin Gerald - CK's 'Partyin' with Paul' edit DJ Deeon 'Freak Mode II' intro DJ Deeon 'House-o-Matic' DJ Milton v. Thomas Bangalter 'Bang-o-Matics' CK edit Robert Armani v. Thomas Bangalter 'CK's Rollin' Up edit' Thomas Bangalter 'Spinal Beats' Cajmere / Dajae 'Brighter Days (Underground Goodies mix)' Paul Johnson 'Y'All Stole Them Dances' Gemini 'Le Fusion / Don't Stop' Paul Johnson / Robert Armani / Louis Bell/ Rick Garcia 'Mix It (CK's Baddest DJ edit)' DJ Deeon 'Freaks / Do-U-C' DJ Deeon 'In The House!' Robert Armani 'Ambulance' Gant-Man 'Gon' Bang Da Box' Thomas Bangalter v. George Kranz 'CK's Spinal Skranz edit' DJ Funk 'Work It!' Parris Mitchell Project feat. Waxmaster 'Ghetto Shout Out!' Daft Punk v. Waxmaster Teach that Body (CK's Chi-town edit)' DJ Slugo 'DJs on the Low'
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    1. One thing that was happening at that time was the media was portraying punk as this extremely self-destructive, nihilistic kind of sadomasochist kind of nonsense. Which then really created a lot of unpleasantness in terms of straight society towards punks. But even worse, people who were really into nihilistic and sadomasochistic and self-destructive tendencies said, “Oh I must be a punk!” and started coming to shows.

      Dischord Records founder Ian MacKaye on media coverage of the D.C. punk scene