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  5. Mar 2018
    1. MUST conform to the OSLC Core Guidelines for JSON
      1. normative reference
      2. I think it should be MUST support JSON-LD and
      3. SHOULD support deprecated JSON (https://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-json/)
    2. OSLC Core Guidelines for XML

      Normative reference?

    3. integration use cases documented by the OSLC-RM workgroup

      normative reference?

    4. Requirements Management

      I think Requirements Management as a discipline includes more things. How about The RM specification...

    5. The specification is modified to build on the [OSLCCore3] Specification.

      compatibility: "is modified"... What is that supposed to mean? Is 2.1 RM provider a fully compliant 2.0 RM provider? Vice versa?

    6. ??

      what are the substaintial changes in 2.1-WD01 compared to 2.0?

    7. Working Draft 01

      is it possible to tag the origina commit on Git with rm2.1-wd01 or something similar, please?

    8. RESTful web services interface

      Is the domain a RESTful interface?