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  1. Nov 2017
  2. May 2017
    1. provide a set of discussion APIs

      Digital #annotation is currently demonstrating a model for discussion much like Michael describes, where "discussion" (as annotation) is a separate, generic service and different manifestations of that service can be harnessed for and surfaced in various platforms for different uses. See Hypothesis' work, especially with a Canvas LTI integration.

    2. no responsible human being should ever willingly inflict yet another electronic grade book on the world


  3. Jun 2016
    1. we will be providing an update of Sakai’s global adoption trends in the first monthly subscribers’ update


  4. Dec 2015
    1. vindicates the merger strategy

      Oh? Might need to revisit Michael’s statements on the merger (wasn’t following e-Literate when the merger happened). Will also try to learn more from Apereo about this.