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  1. May 2022
    1. "I'd want to learn a lot from Professor Zimmerman so that I may obtain as much information as possible and use it in reality. It's not about the work."

    2. "To summarize, I am prepared to conquer all hurdles in my path to achieving the career of my dreams so that I may contribute to my society. I am a firm believer in the concept of dreams coming true."

  2. Jan 2022
    1. Mr. West added, “The normal path to holiness in marriage is to sanctify the marriage bed, not to sacrifice the marriage bed.”

      I really wouldn't have expected to read a sentence like this.

  3. Jun 2020
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  6. Mar 2017
    1. The Channing E. Phillips Homes, located in the 1700 block of 7th street NW, is a subsidized apartment complex located near the Shaw-Howard Metro station.

      First Sentence: Needs a point of controversy.

    1. The District of Columbia Office of Planning (OP) manages the development of the District of Columbia by preserving and revitalizing characteristic neighborhoods such as, Dupont Circle (District of Columbia Office of Planning, “About the DC Office of Planning | Mission”)

      Begin with a controversy or a point of view.

  7. Feb 2017
    1. aims to connect the history of inequality of the residents of Cabrini Greens, a poor public housing project in Chicago, to a series of issues with the built environment of the neighborhood that limit the economic, political, and social utility of the residents.

      Strong first sentence!

  8. Jan 2017
    1. To me, that sense of complete commensurability between form and content at the level of the individual sentence is really what writing is all about.

      Power's sentence-level interest: form and content

  9. Dec 2016
    1. In the seventh chapter of his book, City of Rhetoric, David Fleming exposes the disconnect between those living in the Cabrini Green homes and those financially stable enough to live outside the housing project.

      Strong first sentence. You've got the hang of this.

    1. that interior designers and architects should set out to create non-gendered spaces that will better accommodate the evolution of traditional gender roles and identities that is happening in today’s society.

      Bam! Fantastic.

    1. Built in 1982, the Westin City Center, has experienced many renovations and updates since its establishment.

      First sentence should do something: See G&B "Getting Started"

    1. Fifty years after the creation of the Department of Housing and Urban Development — and nearly that long after the passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 — the fight against the interlinked scourges of housing discrimination and racial segregation in America is far from finished.

      First Sentence

  10. Jul 2016
    1. Fichte knew that this initial relationship with objects is a mystical one and requires the mystical discourse of the summons. He understood that our moment of spontaneous receptivity to the call of things is the moment before self-consciousness. It is the moment before self-thematizing, the moment when the self has yet to define itself over and against objects, the moment—in other words—before Kant.

      What a great sentence.